Gerroa Beach House

Gerroa Beach House

This beautifully converted bowling club house is nestled on the dunes of Gerroa beach on the New South Wales coastline. Located only a few steps from the sand, this wonderful beach house meets the eye catching view from it’s porch and has this relaxing and serene feeling transferred to it’s interior as well. The splendidly matched exterior colours also give this house a sightly facade – the bluish dark grey with white window and door frames and some beige and woodsy accents. Cool, maritime blues and soft whites create a fresh, breezy interior feeling that beckons barefoot comfort. Designed by Karen Akers this stunning family home definitely gives us something worthy to look at. 

023 Gerroa Beach House001 Gerroa Beach House

A lovely swing hung in the backyard gives a playful feeling while the thick ropes and striped covers remind us of a coastal maritime style.

003 Gerroa Beach House 009 Gerroa Beach House

The whole living room is designed in one airy space together with a kitchen and dining area. A cool palette in here is also complemented with a contrast black wall and woodsy accessories, such as woven armchairs, rustic bookcase and lovely wooden knobs, which serve not only a decorative, but also a practical purpose. A soft grey sectional sofa is a purchase from Jardan – Australia based furniture retailers.

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Photographed by Thomas Dalhoff | Interior Design by Karen Akers