Glamorous Metallics

Glamorous Metallics

While it’s still cold and gray and moody outside, one wouldn’t think about gray interiors. Or am I wrong? Gray is an elegant neutral color that conveys balance and sophistication. It is a cool, conservative color that seldom evokes strong emotion although it can be seen as a cloudy or moody color also. Like black, gray is used as a color of formality as well as a color of mourning. However if you want your gray to feel posh and polished, shimmering metallics in silver gray let your decor shine. If you want your room to feel warmer and go for warmer silver, with a bit of gold shine – add a warm white light for reflections. A mirror, chrome type of light fixtures, vases and other decor elements allow a simple neutral space to feel luxurious. Bedecked in gold and silver hues, this collection of gleaming mirror tiles, trendsetting real metal walls and dazzling decor brings a gorgeous glimmer to any room. Take a look at our silvery picks for today.

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