4 Ways to Dress Your Window

4 Ways to Dress Your Window

A beautifully dressed window is a view into your interior style. It doesn’t matter whether you choose blinds, curtains, or shutters – it’s got to reflect your space, how you live, and of course what you don’t want people to see. Privacy is a huge concern for a lot of people and when choosing different ways to dress your windows it’s got to be considered carefully. Let’s open up and take a look around…

Create height with curtains

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Want to create a feeling of height in a living room that doesn’t have large windows? The easy way around this is to opt for curtains that are hung from curtain rails fitted as close to the ceiling as possible. Yes, the initial outlay will be slightly more, but the room will look ‘taller’ and it’ll give a feeling of space. Curtains hung in this way will work well with in-home tech such as electric window openers too – perfect for use in summer to keep rooms cooler and aired without compromising on safety.

Go bare…no really!

%name 4 Ways to Dress Your Window

This is a great idea for the kitchen – perhaps one of the trickier rooms in the house to choose something for.

You know what? It is OK to actually not hang anything at this particular window, but instead choose to leave it bare to keep it fresh and clean, or just dress with a few casual plant pots filled with greenery. This setup works especially well if your window happens to look out into the garden.

Beautiful bays

window seat 4 Ways to Dress Your Window

There’s no denying a bay window is something that not only gives light and depth to a room but a feeling of airyness too.

Finding a way to dress them is very personal – some people prefer cascading drapery and curtains. If this is what you’d like, then it’s best to opt to dress the window with one curtain rod that reaches around the entire bay, this is the simplest and slickest way to manage it.

Another option is to consider Roman blinds, a separate one for each window. They’ll give you screening, and privacy and can be adjusted at different times of the day to let light in or shut it out accordingly.

Think about light and shade

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In a room such as a bedroom, the one thing that’s at the forefront is controlling light – especially once we get through to the summer months and perhaps want to sleep when it’s still light outside (both in the evening and the morning too).

The best way to achieve optimum light reduction, without compromising on style is to use shutters as your main source of light reduction. They’ll keep every bit of light out of the room that you feel necessary, but can also be painted/stained and redecorated very easily when you update a room or give it a refresh.

Another idea is to use layering techniques to deal with light, so opt for shutters and pair them with some light-coloured curtains to add dimension, texture, and an extra layer of comfort and screening.