50+ Wall Mounted Tap Ideas

What’s the room, that all of us have to use every single day? You’re right – the bathroom. The importance of this space is far greater than we give it credit for unless you like being dirty, or you’re a gypsy nomad. These spaces vary from bright and cheery to sophisticated and imposing. However, there are a lot of details, which create an original and modern bathroom and give an impact on how we start and end our day. Creative solutions for all bathrooms have completely changed the way we look at spaces. The endless design possibilities for spa-like or just simply stylish environments have surpassed our wildest dreams. A variety of modern, original, and well-looking details, plumbing and other decor objects can transform dull bathrooms into fantastic relaxation and refreshing spaces. When it comes to choosing the plumbing for your modern bathroom, I hope you consider a bit different and not that common approach – a wall-mounted tap. This way you can create a look, that’s a bit less conventional, yet still very practical and great looking. You can also adapt this idea in classic, traditional interiors, just choose a different style for the tap and you’ll get a simple and classy look. Today I’m bringing you a lot to browse through and a list of my idea-book favorites between wall-mounted taps.

Combining a wall-mounted tap together with a natural stone sink:

It’s also a great idea to pair it up and create a modern look with a timeless marble:

Another great looking design – adding a mirror or glass background:

And a lot of other ideas: combining with a copper or other metal sinks, combining with grey, concrete sinks, mixing up a contrast between white sinks and black taps and else: