A look at Justine Hugh-Jones Design

A few days ago I saw a quote that got stuck in my head, because it described me and how I react to almost everything perfectly. It was about how I don’t see everything in grey, but rather in black or white – and how I become utterly obsessed or totally uninterested about something. Well this is a perfect example. I don’t just like – I’m obsessed with how amazing Justine Hugh-Jones Design works are.  To me these interiors are like a perfect case, how you should arrange and combine that cozy, a bit raw, modern, yet not too modern, not over the top traditional style which has this pinch of  something original and unexpected.

Justine Hugh-Jones Design is a boutique interior design business whose work is recognised for effortlessly combining crisp, clean architecture with custom upholstery, antique and classic furniture and modern and contemporary art. The Designer herself describes her own work this way:

“The homes I create are elegant but interesting, easy and comfortable and often punctuated with a twist of the unexpected and a dash of humour. The choice of materials and textures is always natural favouring stone, timber and fabrics such as linens, velvets, wools and silks. Muted, calm and natural colours dominate my interior palette punctuated with startling combinations of colour, art and shape which add drama and contrast.

 Having lived and studied design in Europe over 10 years my inspiration comes from the fresh and distinctive feel of European living with influences from France, Belgium, and Scandinavia. I established my practice here in Sydney in 2004 and my design has adapted to take advantage of light, open plan interiors and outdoor living.

 As a designer, I look beyond aesthetics and pursue a philosophy of reclaiming and reintegrating an element of humanity into the home. My client’s homes feel like they have evolved and acquired character and layers over the years and are immensely comfortable and welcoming.

An eye for detail, style and luxury distinguishes all of my work.”

I don’t think I could ever describe it any better, than the artist herself. And Now moving on to the most important and fun part. The homes and interiors I was just writing about. Take a look and enjoy all these beautiful spaces, that Justine has created!

Found on justinehughjones.com