Blooc House by Analeena

Blooc House by Analeena

Hello, and welcome back to our magazine Sunday explorers. Today we’re sharing a beautiful modern Scandinavian house styled, designed, and photographed by Analeena Karlsson best known from her own blog Analeenas Hem.

Some information about the project, which can also be found on Blooc website:

20 minutes from Slussen and 5 min from Grisslinge Havsbadshotell is garden city Mörtnäs Hagar hiding behind all the greenery. It offers 20 families an area with white, architect-designed, semi-detached houses. The second Quarter that was launched in the area was a small town with 24 townhouses. A new area is planned to launch with the next block – 32 townhouses designed by the same architect named Concept Stockholm for BLOOC.

A variety of plot sizes, placement, and color scheme creates 32 unique homes with different qualities. Rich tones mixed with pastels and the beautiful trees located on the forecourt in combination with the French balcony creates a beautiful street scene. On the back is its own lush and tranquil oasis. The large exterior steel glass batch is both a jewel in the living room but also a patio. Here is the opportunity to utilize quality of staying in-house – barbecue nights, enjoying the long sunny summer days, or just drop off the bar on the site. With growing boxes, you can grow fresh berries and spices for cooking.

Big City Life, career, and family makes it sometimes difficult to keep up with all the “must-haves”. Plateau M is designed for those who wish to soil contact, but do not necessarily want to occupy themselves every weekend to mow. It should be easy to stay in a Lone Plateau M. houses have several possible patios to maximize the house’s sunny location. From the roof terraces, you can also keep an eye on what’s happening on the street below. In Mörtnäs Hagar is a common playground area where children gather and play on the weekends. In 5 minutes you reach the fine-grained beach Grisslinge Seaside and the bus stop with the direct bus (own route file) is 3 minutes from your driveway. A few steps away there is a Värmdö Shopping center with a grocery store, pharmacy, and liquor. Schools and kindergartens are located nearby.

So take a look at this beautiful project and enjoy your Sunday!

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While entering the house from the hall you are greeted by a beautiful staircase painted in lemon yellow with specially designed railing in white steel and mesh. An open dining area is located between the kitchen and living room to create a social space that invites long dinners. The cozy sofa lounge area is filled with see-through glass furniture pieces, that don’t obstruct and break the clean and crisp interior image. The living room is characterized by large steel windows, which are not covered with any curtains, and let you enjoy the surroundings uninterrupted. It is a perfect place for relaxation, social events, or just simple family evenings. Behind the living room/lounge area there is a built-in desk designed for your routine works and simple daily tasks. I hope there’s a more private workspace somewhere upstairs because you obviously need some more space to put all your documents and other paperwork and work in silence and concentration.

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The kitchen is a classic and high-quality bespoke one create by manufacturer Kvänum. The shutters are a beautiful ash gray with a countertop in wooden surface and kolmårds marble, which has this deep green shade in it. In this kitchen, you can cook dinners together and there is good storage for crockery, glassware, and utensils in the wall cabinet and base cabinet. Kitchen equipment is also matched to the whole gray look and it’s featured in a matte metal, similar to a brushed steel appearance.

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5 Blooc House by Analeena

Photography Annaleena and Blooc