Choosing Iron Railing

Choosing Iron Railing

Welcome to our idea book, dearest adventurous searchers of great interiors and beautiful homes. Right now I’m working on a semi-detached house interior and in that comparatively little space, there is two stories and stairs that take up quite a bit of space. Therefore I had to solve, what to do about those stairs. There were two ideas: one was to cover the understair area with veneered chipboard and create a storage space/wardrobe and the other was to use the stair area as an accent detail and create graphic looking custom made metal railings.  The client and I decided to stick with the second idea and use metal railings, therefore I started searching for analogous ideas and how we could come to a conclusion. A custom stair rail is something I have always drooled about, it has always been one of my most favorite details of the design.  When I get to do this in the client’s home I am in seventh heaven. The pictures that follow are some of my inspirations. If you have thoughts about doing the iron or other metal railings at your place, think about a few points:

  • Are there any children or pets that could fall from a high height if the spaces between balusters (the vertical parts of the railing) are too far apart? (stick to a closer spaced balusters, then, or add a leather string or rope partitions, by perforating holes in handrails (Example is shown below)
  • Does it fit the overall style of your interior? (If it looks too modern, add wooden overeasing, or try adding a few decorated balusters)
  • Aren’t you scared of sharp edges and corners? (try a softer look by creating curvy handrails)

If you’re still thinking that the metal stairs are too cold and too modern for your home, there are also a few examples, how it can look sophisticated and stylish in a traditional home interior. Have a great day lovely people! I hope you’ll enjoy today’s post. If you have any thoughts, just pop them in a comment section below.

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