Cozy Swedish Apartment

An apartment with white space that manages to still be quite cozy. That’s exactly what many are trying to achieve while decorating and styling their home in the Nordic-Scandinavian style. This beautiful home was shot by Swedish broker Alvhem (their website always carries a lot of amazing interior living spaces for sale). What I like about this space is that it’s not overly designed, you can feel the liveliness in this space and imagine yourself hanging around, cooking, relaxing, and just living there, don’t you think? The most interesting and exciting part of these interiors is usually, that apartments have these wonderful high ceilings with plaster decor elements which you can see in the living room right down below. The color palette in the apartment seems to be mostly in muted tones with some contrast black elements, which mainly appear in furniture details.

The cushions on the sofa are definitely made by Hay, which I see appearing in a lot of interiors and they always look so comfy and have a lot of color variations. An interesting idea in a bedroom is an openly suspended clothing rack, where you can hang a few of your favorite clothing items, and it can equally serve as a decor element and give a presentable look to your favorite clothes. You’ll see that there is a similar one in the kitchen as well.

The felt shelf is designed by SAYS WHO and sold by Bolia. Other furniture pieces featured in this lovely workspace and other rooms are by HAY – About a Chair AAC 22, the simple desk, probably from IKEA, the AJ Desk Lamp by Arne Jacobsen, Gubi Grasshopper Lamp, and the Muuto Stacked bookcase sold on

How lovely is this pink colored suspended shelf? It gives a hallway light and pretty decor and is an interesting and original addition to other furniture pieces.

The kitchen and dining zones in this space are kept light and airy, with a soft grey and white color palette, while contrasting black Kartell Masters chairs give this room a bit of vitality and make them seem like a focal point.

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