Create a Family Garden to Improve Your Life

It doesn’t matter if you own acres of land or just some pots on the balcony, the general idea is that a family garden is going to let you live much better and healthier. Gardening is one of the easiest activities and one that you can easily share the tasks with other family members, as you will all harvest the benefits of taking care of it.

What’s even more important is the fact that you don’t even have to wait until the flowers start appearing for you to see the benefits we are talking about, since some, such as getting rid of stress, happens right as you take care of the plants. Getting your family to work on it is going to make everybody feel better.

Time to ‘turnip’ the page

Activities like working in the yard and gardening are labeled as moderate to intense exercises. We all need daily moderate to intense exercises, for at least half an hour. Think of this comparison: even if gardening won’t take as much off you as jogging or lifting weights, this activity is still highly beneficial for your body.

According to scientists, once you started gardening, you aren’t going to stop right away, but you’ll go past the usual 30 minutes of activity that the doctors recommend. While you may not see gardening as anything like that, there’s physical activity involved as well – you didn’t think of stretching, didn’t you?

Gardening is simply amazing when it comes to lowering your stress level and putting you in a much better mood. This activity is considered to be such a great stress reliever as it lets you enjoy the sunlight and fresh air, the tasks are repetitive but relaxing, and you can even make contact with harmless bacteria, which produces serotonin in your brain.

Even if you have the garden on the balcony, when you are there, you are still closer to being outside than when you are in your bedroom, which is also great for your body and your mind. Spending a lot of time indoors can have negative effects on your body, so a garden on the balcony will bring you one step closer.

The same can be said about children, as they tend to spend even more time inside the house, something that has a negative impact on their health and behavior. Asking them to help you in your garden will let them experience the natural world a bit more than they would normally.

You need some ‘peas’ and quiet

Another benefit that gardening is going to bring you is a night of better sleep. All of the activities that are associated with gardening are not only relaxing your brain but also making you very tired. As a result, if you have trouble sleeping, starting to grow a little garden somewhere around you may be something that could help you.

Are you trying to make your children eat vegetables, but they run from them as much as possible? Tell us about it… If that’s not an experience that unites all parents of the world, we don’t know what is. But have you thought about this little trick to make your young ones eat their vegetables?

By taking care of the plants, and seeing the result of their labor, kids could be more interested in tasting the thing that they’ve spent so many hours working on. Plant some easy to grow and good looking vegetables, so when they are finally ripe, your child is going to have a much higher interest in them. But if you don’t have the time and required tools, you can always hire The Local Tree Experts, which will handle all of your garden problems.