Eclectic Cote d’Azur

Eclectic Cote d’Azur

14 Eclectic Cote dAzur

Mediterranean villas are commonly surrounded by natural, comfortable environment and with some necessary spices:rough and earthy textures, torrid wooden shutters, flowering creepers, chaotic stone facade, little garden with shabby tables and chairs, potteries with green plant at corners, rustic wood beams. Typical, but saliva is dripping anyway…  This Mallorca Country House is designed with an eclectic style by Spanish interior designer Mestre Paco.

Mediterranean colors are warm, natural, bright, resembling that of the sea, sky, sunshine and sands. Like this lovely pastel bathroom with tiny niche for the candle.

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The dining room is separated from the kitchen and TV room. Here I love the stair-step, which look like relic from Roman empire times. Whereas bookshelf recalls that we live in modern age.

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As I understood, there are two sitting rooms. First looks a bit minimal, cold and heavy: industrial style chairs, cold walls without pictures.

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The second sitting room is with soft modern sofas paired with stumps and wooden tables, whitewashed/clay floors are covered with soft white carpet. My heart is melted by the wonderful old-looking arch. I see in the middle a hook and I am dreaming about hanging here the swinging flowers.

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The kitchen is calm and surprisingly classical.

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Shabby vintage shutters are perfect headboards, that help to create bedroom’s romantic atmosphere.

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