Elwood Made by Cohen

Elwood Made by Cohen

Me, behind this screen, filled with lots of images and letters, is hoping, that your Monday is going as smoothly as possible. I am struggling on Monday mornings like most people on this earth. However, there is a new interior post for you today with a new stylish, and welcoming home.

Susie Cohen set up her interior design practice, Made By Cohen, in 2005 after working full-time for both Carr Design Group and Chris Connell Design since graduating from RMIT in 2000. The practice celebrates life, family, and creativity. Cohen’s designs tend toward simplicity, with great importance placed on beautifully executed details. A strong signature to her work is the use of natural light and honest materials that age gracefully and acquire their patina over time. She collaborated with Kathryn Robson – principal architect, who comes from an extensive working history in Europe and Australia, and this interior is much more than a great result.

This beautiful house interior has been expertly considered as integral with the architecture, resulting in a dwelling space of great harmony and balance. Elwood Residence is a meticulous project characterized by warm natural materials juxtaposed with both modern and classic styles and light spaces. The fine crafting of all design elements, well-chosen materials, and the care and meaning with which furniture items have been selected make this project worthy of recognition. An elegant, sophisticated, and understated interior composition responds here with delight to its wonderful green surroundings and beautiful views through windows. The neutral and bleached palette is expertly enhanced with accents of bright green color that elevate it from generic to stunning.

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Kitchen and kitchen island are designed to achieve a minimalistic and crisp white look, both the backsplash and countertop are also chosen in white. The choice for the backsplash was a simple classic – white subway tile.

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An eminent amount of light flows through these tall windows overlooking the backyard and a terrace. Together with the dining space, a cozy window nook was incorporated in front of these windows. The choice for a dining table and chairs was also all-white. While the color stays the same, the idea was to choose a different style for the chairs, therefore, creating a more playful and lively feeling.

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Shortlisted for 2014 Australian Interior Design Awards and 2014 Houses Awards

Designed in association with Made by Cohen | Photographed by Shannon McGrath

Found on Robson Rak Architects