Firewood Storage Solutions

Firewood Storage Solutions

Do you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove in your home?  Today we’re having a winter like the gloomy sky and all I can think of is a crackling fireplace, cuddling up under a cozy blanket, drinking my beloved mint tea, and letting the time slip away.  But as usual, we have to get back to real life and think about a more mundane question: how to store those logs inside your home? Of course, the best and the most usual place is outside, however, it’s not so much fun to often to refill your firewood supplies when it’s rainy, wet and chilly outside. A decent storage space outside the home, in the backyard or terrace, is ideal, but it’s not always the case. Scroll through these ideas that I’ve assembled while browsing around and maybe you’ll come up with an interesting alternative for your own storage.

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One of the ideas is to store firewood near the fireplace in a vertical way, you can also divide that vertical storage into a few smaller sections, that way you can take the wood out of it much easier and you do not have to reach to the logs only from the top of the pile. This storage type can be easily made out of a recessed wall from the front or side part of the fireplace.

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If your fireplace is not attached to the wall and is placed somewhere in the middle of the room, there is a wonderful possibility to play it out, while creating a practical element out of it. For example, you can construct additional partition walls and leave that space for your firewood storing, or create a lower partition and put a countertop on top of it while leaving some open space under for your firewood.

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There’s also another possibility to store your firewood – in a horizontal space under your fireplace. This option can be accomplished for both wall-attached and middle-room fireplaces. Also, this option lets you more easily take out your firewood while comparing to the vertical storage.

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Another solution to store your firewood is using up space under or near the stairs. If you have an unused space, which is close to your fireplace – use it for firewood. To me personally, all the natural materials such as wood and stone is already a decorative element, wooden logs especially give that warm and cozy feeling to your home. The thing is – it’s not only decorative, but it’s also practical.

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There is always a possibility to go all-in and create something new and original. This storage, for example, is built in a recessed hole in the flooring. The storage itself can also be used as a decor element, in summer when the fireplace is used as much, you can fill it up with pinecones or acorns and cover it with a glass.

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