Honeycomb Home

Honeycomb Home

With a start of a new week, and after a lovely weekend filled with joyous moments with your loved ones, or relaxing with a glass of your favorite wine, there’s usually a new flow of ideas and today we’re sharing ours. With a search of untraditional and not so usual forms in interiors, there came up a hexagon themed pattern. Tiles, stickers even ceilings were used to create different and nonstandard spaces, and deliver a curious and delightful feeling. The pattern can be played out with contrasting or nuanced colors. Not only bright colors, but the pales can also create an extraordinary look. For a minimalist and more laconic interior, one can choose a monochromatic palette and realize it’s the right choice. It wouldn’t be boring, or way too traditional, because with a simple color palette there comes in a different form of tile. Take a look at the various ideas and adaptations for the hexagon form in your home.

hexagon ceiling Honeycomb Home

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sandringhamhouse028 Honeycomb Home

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copy 0 cafeteria Honeycomb Homecopy 0 cafe Honeycomb Home

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