How to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

There’s nothing more offputting than entering someone’s home only to receive a strong waft of foul odors as you step across the threshold. It’s a sign of poor hygiene and ill-discipline that can be frankly embarrassing for the owners of the home. To avoid this impression ever being made of your own place, you should take steps to make your home a fresh-smelling haven, free from all odors of any kind. This article looks at the three main ways you’ll be able to achieve this, leaving no stone unturned in your quest to please the nostrils of all.

Clean Regularly

The importance of cleaning your home regularly really comes to the forefront when you recognize that smells can come from many different departments of your home. Toilet smells can come from your bathrooms, rotting food smells from your kitchen, dog smells from carpets, or body odor smells from bedrooms in which dirty clothes are lingering.

Find each and every source of the smell in your home and make sure that the areas that odors can develop in are being cleaned with diligence and thoroughness, and with the regularity that will prevent smells from becoming out of hand. Bring in specialist carpet cleaners, such as the professionals at, to get all kinds of sinister odors out of your carpets, leaving them immaculate and smelling great.

Set Up Smell Sprayers

Happily, there’s a simple antidote to the kinds of smells that can develop in a home over the course of a few days, and that’s to set up one of a number of odor-eliminating sprays across your home. There are the cheap and disposable bathroom wall options that you can press after you leave, there are reeds in scented oils, and there are even joss sticks for those who enjoy that particular musty smell.

But on top of that, there are ever-more sophisticated and autonomous methods of keeping the smell in your home consistently fresh and relaxing. You should take a look online at the latest products in this arena to be sure that you’re buying the appropriate product for your home. Some simply light a scented candle in the evening, providing atmosphere and odor-busting smells all at once.

Traditional Methods

Before the development of the above smell sprayers, which only serve to cover up the smells and the odors, they don’t eliminate them, the regular and traditional method of odor removal was to open all the doors and windows to your home on a breezy day to quite literally air the house, allowing all stagnant and lingering smells to escape into the atmosphere at large.

Then there’s the direct approach: sniffing out the source of bad smells and attacking them at their source. Is there a molding apple underneath the sofa, or a collection of dog hair underneath kitchen cupboards? Have you neglected to notice a small leak behind your dishwasher? Following odors can help you stifle them at the source, leaving your home smelling fresh and delightful to all.

Follow the above three tips to ensure your home is always a breath of fresh air for guests, friends, and family who step over the threshold.