KAVALIERIUS by Ramūnas Manikas

KAVALIERIUS by Ramūnas Manikas

In a small city Panevėžys, Lithuania, where cold winter is making us search for a warm place to spend our time, a cafe called KAVALIERIUS, is offering not just a cup of warm coffee, but also an interior which was done by a Lithuanian designer Ramūnas Manikas. Modern look, a sense of industrial style, and the smell of fresh and pure coffee. What else would a coffee lover want? To spend a moment appreciating the interior, we decided to ask the director of the KAVALIERIUS café and talk about the interior that the designer has chosen for them.

kavalierius by ramnas manikas 1 KAVALIERIUS by Ramūnas Manikas

Since we just entered the space, we noticed the fresh and stylish look that this place has to offer. The interior materials such as floor tiles, metal structures, window frames, shelves, and furniture parts in black and shades of gray are creating that subtle look. It is combined with the dark brown, black patina coated plywood furniture and jambs. The dark tones are enhanced by the pale gray walls in the background. Greens and plants were chosen to make the space look alive and give it a character.

kavalierius by ramnas manikas 2 KAVALIERIUS by Ramūnas Manikas

kavalierius by ramnas manikas 3 KAVALIERIUS by Ramūnas Manikas

The director of KAVALIERIUS café Justinas Dalinda explained to us about their vision for the place and what is behind the name that interest the coffee fans to come to their place:

Briefly introduce your cafe

We are a local Specialty Coffee Bar in Panevėžys.

How was the name KAVALIERIUS (Cavalier Eng.) created?

First of all, we wanted a Lithuanian name. Clear, understandable, but not a combination of words with the word “coffee”. As coffee harbors, a wide variety of flavors and tastes, as the word itself hides quite a lot of coffee. This name was simply deep.

What was the main focus of this project? 

The synergy. I did not want this to be a place with an only delicious coffee or just a nice interior. I wanted that all factors would act together, produce a greater effect than each factor acting alone.

How do You try to impress your visitors?

It may sound cliché, but with a very simple thing – coffee. Preparation of the specialty coffee, freshly roasted, ground, and properly prepared correctly, we want to show the difference and at the same time to surprise visitors that coffee can be a foodstuff as a high-quality wine, but not an ordinary consumer product (commodity).

A sentence that describes the Cavalier café and work.

Cavalier smells like coffee.

kavalierius by ramnas manikas 4 KAVALIERIUS by Ramūnas Manikas

kavalierius by ramnas manikas 5 KAVALIERIUS by Ramūnas Manikas

kavalierius by ramnas manikas 6 1 KAVALIERIUS by Ramūnas Manikas

Graphic decisions also play a particular role in this space. The concept was created by the interior designer Ramūnas Manikas.  On one of the inside walls the logo is designed in neon tubing, which simulates outdoor advertising, and with all the other elements of the interior creates an exclusive touch. The logo design was created both for the interior and exterior, and it makes an impressive connection between the outside and the inside.

kavalierius by ramnas manikas 7 KAVALIERIUS by Ramūnas Manikas

KAVALIERIUS is a great example of how to combine design and functionality. The environment of the space is inviting to appreciate the moment of coffee, taste the pure and high quality of it, and being surrounded by a modern touch.

The place is suitable for everybody and gathers the community to spend their break of the day in a place filled with the smell of roasted coffee.

kavalierius by ramnas manikas 8 KAVALIERIUS by Ramūnas Manikas

About the project:

  • Country: Lithuania
  • Area: 62,14m²