LES GRANDES TABLES by the ARM architecture

LES GRANDES TABLES by the ARM architecture

To break down a well-established approach and to create a mobile space, which does not take up much space and keeps a sense of subtle design – this was the major goal for the ARM architecture designers. The subtle and transformed design provides the ability to be quickly assembled at the right time. The interior was designed for mobile tables – kitchen to be used by the restaurant chefs and represent the food preparation and presentation of the sight for the customers. Selected materials: concrete, chrome, spruce plywood gives the impression of masculinity and solidity, which is interlaced with the industrial sense of style.

cigue les grandes tables du 104 01 LES GRANDES TABLES by the ARM architecture

Architects have chosen an industrial style for space, and this was increased by the selection of such materials like concrete, steel, pipes. The floor was selected concrete, which gives space solidity and modernity. Meanwhile, the walls were selected with a matte finish. However, as well as provide space character, the walls were chosen spruce plywood with some rough surfaces that provide an industrial feeling. Also, wood tones used in the room: fir plywood, birch plywood, oak stands, gives the space warmth and vibrancy.

les grandes tables 2 LES GRANDES TABLES by the ARM architecture

The restaurant’s interior represents the new kitchen and food preparation concept. Mobile integration of the kitchen gives the customer the opportunity to see how the food is prepared.

les grandes tables 3 LES GRANDES TABLES by the ARM architecture

An industrial-style interior reflects modern thinking and attitude which makes the character of the space. Architectural elements (pipes, columns), reinforces the image of the male, while the use of wood provides the warmth to the restaurant environment.

les grandes tables 5 LES GRANDES TABLES by the ARM architecture

Client: “Les Grandes Tables”, Fabrice Lextrait
Representative architect: ARM architecture
Design : Ciguë
Furniture production: Société de Serrurerie Générale, Ciguë