Modern Coffee Table: 25 Best Designs and Ideas for Your Living Room

A modern coffee table together with the sofa is the main component of the living room. Also, most of your life is happening in this area. So, it is crucial to choose such a coffee table that meets your needs and matches your interior. While selecting a modern coffee table, there are some things you should know. In this article, we have gathered some tips and many beautiful coffee tables.

The importance of the table

Despite its name, the coffee table has much more than just being a table where you can put your coffee cup. Its primary purpose is to socialize. When you gather with your friends, it becomes the center of attention. That’s because it’s where the food and the drinks are! Also, a TV usually stands in front of it so that you will be using it a lot.

Another great thing about coffee tables is that if you have small children, they can use them as a desk or a game table. It is also a beautiful place to add a vase of flowers or some magazines.

How to choose a modern coffee table?

To begin with, you should choose the coffee table together with the sofa. That’s because it is essential that these two are similar in size and shape. So, when you are looking at these two at the same time, it will be easier for you to choose from.

Secondly, either a coffee table or the sofa should be the accent of the room. Since we are talking about modern coffee tables, we assume that you are choosing it as your primary accent. However, try to avoid very sharp contrasts. For example, red and black, etc.

The shape of the coffee table is another important aspect. A good shape allows us to use it easily from any position. Probably the most practical form is the rectangle. Round and square coffee tables will require extending the rest of the area by adding more seats. If you don’t have much space, your only option is the rectangular coffee table.

There are all kinds of coffee tables: wooden, iron, with marble or a glass top, mixed materials of glass and wood or metal and wood, and so on. However, a modern coffee table is usually wooden or metal

Coffee table dimensions

Although they will vary according to your taste and custom adjustments, it is always good to know the universal measures. The measures of a modern coffee table are usually 47 x 31 inches, and the height is about 15-19 inches. Keep in mind that your coffee table shouldn’t exceed the height of the sofa. Apart from the fact it will be less comfortable, it will also get along with the lines of the TV stand, windows, and other standard furniture.

There should be at least 19-23 inches gap between the sofa and the table. This gap will allow walking in and out comfortably. Select the size of your coffee table according to the positioning of your sofas. There are three ways you can position it. There’s a U form, an L form, and a horizontal form. A coffee table of rectangle shape will fit any of these forms. If you have more space and your sofa is more massive, you will also need a more prominent and broader coffee table. Another solution would be to get two same square coffee tables.