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How about New Zealand? A remote island on the southwestern Pacific Ocean. What about the Banks Peninsula? A peninsula of volcanic origin. What about this the Scrubby Bay Farmhouse? A three-bedroom house surrounded with wild and peaceful nature?

Mark Palmer said YES to Patterson Associates architects to build a farmhouse here after living for 35 years abroad. M. Palmer bought a sheep and cattle stations of approximately 4,000 acres with more than 10 kilometers of coastline on the northern side of the Banks Peninsula.

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The symmetry of the bay made siting the building at its center seem logical, and the first glimpses of it, as you descend a rugged four-wheel-drive track from a ridgeline, are breathtaking. Its cedar skin, which wraps the exterior walls and the roof, has the same honeyed tones as the parched grass that surrounds it. Its simple forms appear to rest in absolute harmony with the arresting landscape. The house occupies its site confidently without ever appearing to need to compete with it. The arrangement of forms is completely inviting: you want to get down that track and see what it’s like inside. – Home magazine

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Ocean Bath.

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Photo Credit – Simon Devitt