Patterned Tile Trend

Patterned Tile Trend

I couldn’t help, but notice, how lots of different Moroccan or otherwise – patterned tiles beautifully invaded the interiors. I bet there are millions of types for these fantastic tiles, which maybe you’ll see someday on our website, but, today we’re sharing the simplest and most popular monochromatic, neutral colored tile combinations. You can use them in all the ways possible – for your kitchen backsplash, for your bathroom, for creating a fun floor in any room, even use them for your house exterior. Just like I mentioned – tons of possibilities. This type of tile can liven up and create a statement in a bathroom no matter which kind of style – modern, Scandinavian, classic. Take a look at the examples, how these tiles can be used, and what powerful statement accent it creates. By the way, if you need a tiling service, check out Arran Construction. And don’t forget to have an excellent start for your week with that cup of tea or coffee!

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 499cf3a40f6ab45bf99f2ec579209d85 Patterned Tile Trend

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ae46e2d067365e1c046d97a1452767fa Patterned Tile Trend

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ea156c3bc72c232d07b0ea877cf02923 Patterned Tile Trend

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