Putting Together the Pieces

Home design can be a daunting process, especially after seeing incredible designs in magazines and on TV seamlessly come together with almost no effort at all.

In fact, it can shatter your confidence and self-belief in your design vision. However, if you take a step back, you will soon see that these exotic and seemingly untouchable designs all started as just a blank room.

Planning your home design

Therefore when putting together your home design, you should strip everything back removing any anxieties and expectations that are delivered from seeing fully realized designs.

Once you have stripped back your room, it is simply a case of building up your dream home design piece by piece.

Now how you begin to piece together your design is entirely down to personal preference, however one method that we recommend is approaching your new room design is the layer method.

The layer method means piecing together a new room design in layers, adding new layers until your design is complete, sort of like a cake.

Layer 1 Structural Changes

Before you begin anything in your room design, you have to decide on any structural changes. That means any reconfigurations, partitions and new installations must be planned before any decorating or design work starts.

Another thing to consider during this part of the process is the type of flooring that you wish to install. Due to the somewhat cumbersome nature of installing new flooring, getting this part out of the way early allows you to focus on the rest of your design without interruption.

Another advantage to this is that the floor can act as a catalyst for the rest of your design, from carpets through to sleek grey laminate flooring – all give you a starting point from which you can shape your room design.

Layer 2 Filling the Canvas

After the floor and structural changes have taken effect, you can move on and piece together the next layer of your room design the decorating.

Now that you can see what your new floor looks like with the room’s natural light, you can decide on the type of wall covering you want. For a more customizable and flexible look, you can go for a simple paint job, as this is easy to apply and modify if your tastes change.

Another way is to go with wallpaper; this is the more fiddly and challenging option. However, it does allow you to tap into the full potential of a room design thanks to the wide range of unique and beautiful wallpaper designs.

Layer 3 The finishing touches

Once you complete this layer, the next step is deciding on the furniture that you want and then beginning adding your personal touches to the room.

Adding personal touches is the part that most home designers relish, as it allows them to express themselves completely and what they want their room to represent.

Cushions, pictures, curtains – all things which showcase your own unique individual taste, which can also be affordable and suit your budget.

Before you know it, you will be looking at your dream room design, wondering what you were ever worried about.