Raw Nordic Minimalism

Raw Nordic Minimalism

Milky white skies have gathered upon our grounds which bring memories of nordic style and cozy interior spaces with warm fireplaces. Therefore today we’re sharing a lovely home of goldsmith and designer Marie vonLotzbeck, photographer Jacob Kirk, their daughter Ester and the dog Balder. The interior is fit to match and personify a beautiful half brick house from 1929 in Humlebaek, North Zealand.

1 Raw Nordic Minimalism

To get the raw look the family chose to lay concrete flooring throughout the downstairs and paint it with epoxy. It gives a beautiful, cold expression, but there is underfloor heating, so it feels nice and warm. The entire ground floor is an airy open space, but to shield it a little bit, the family established a rough brick wall between the living room and kitchen. Stool is from Raft and wood stove from Handšl.

2 Raw Nordic Minimalism

In a corner of the kitchen – in front of the built-in wardrobes, with all cookware hiding – there is a reading corner arranged with tables from &tradition and a low lounge chair by Eames. The decoration on the wall is from Menu, it consists of several squares of felt, on which you can hang various clippings.

3 Raw Nordic Minimalism

Marie’s husband Jacob has even built both the dining table and the large bookcase that goes from wall to ceiling at one end of the kitchen. The bookcase is made of white painted MDF and the dining table is made using recycled beams and boards that are stained black and varnished with high gloss varnish. The chair and the lights over the dining table are from &tradition. Stool designed by Norm for &tradition.

4 Raw Nordic Minimalism

The living room has views to the kitchen and into the garden. It isn’t visible in the photo, but the opening between the kitchen and living room has a fitted thin window glass, so you have visual contact with the kitchen without being disturbed by cooking fumes and noise. Stool from &tradition – the low stool is an heirloom.

5 Raw Nordic Minimalism

On the second floor there are two small bedrooms and a workspace that is bright and built in the nook right next to open stairs. Here Marie’s workspace overlooks open fields, and this is where she draws inspiration for her new jewelry collections. The chair and lamp are both from &tradition.

6 Raw Nordic Minimalism

The kitchen is from Quick with cooker from Siemens and fittings from Vola. The tabletop is made of plywood, the simple wall lights are from Godalming.

7 Raw Nordic Minimalism

The bedroom is kept quiet and simple with a single work of art by Julie von Lotzbeck. The table is designed and made by Kasper Ronn. Lamp, Trash Me, from &tradition. Bedspread from Hay. Pillows from Hay and Place de Bleu.

8 Raw Nordic Minimalism

The stove is fitted in the wall that separates the living room and kitchen. The stove is from Handšl.

9 Raw Nordic Minimalism

The window built inside the ground floor next to the stairs is recycled from an abandoned factory and fitted with a frame. It fits into the housing goals to create a porch and separate an open space a bit.

Found on Femina | Photography by Kira Brandt