Raw Wood Kitchen in London

Raw Wood Kitchen in London


Hello to everyone, who decided to open up our page on your screen today. As the Labor Day weekend came to an end and a worky season started to lots of people, today you’ll see some last time cottagey inspirations to remind you of this lovely summer.

I came across this wonderful kitchen while browsing through The D Pages blog and it captivated me right away. Those raw wooden and dark grey kitchen cabinets combined together with white subway tile and marble countertop – such a dreamy kitchen don’t you think? It feels like all the details in this kitchen are styled in a bit cottagey rustic and a bit industrial fashion. I really like how the raw wooden plank? (not sure) counter cabinets look, but it makes me wonder if working in this kitchen would make you pull out splinters after every time you decide cooking a meal. Hope not. If that’s not the case and it’s actually really practical, than I’d give an enormous plus for that.

I love – I do not exaggerate, i truly love all those brass plumbing details becoming trendy. Just look at that vintage brass faucet. It feels like it’s an accent all by itself.

The recessed kitchen-garden in the middle of the kitchen island is also a great idea. You can select some of your favorite herbs and pick their leaves without any need to go outside, which is great for those, who live in an apartment without backyard. So take a look at this pretty kitchen and enjoy a lovely (hopefully) first day of September and the first day of this fall.

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