Reasons Why a Solar Panel System is a Smart Investment

More and more people are now considering going off the grid, and they do so by leveraging solar panel systems. However, this entails the need for them to shell out a hefty sum on the upfront since these panels cost a significant sum. To come up with the money needed to acquire the solar panels and have them installed, some people take out a loan or find other financing options. Because of the amount of money that you need to pay for the panels, you may wonder whether a solar panel system is a smart investment. Rest assured that indeed, they are worth every penny, and the reasons below will only validate why this is so.


Reduced Energy Bills

One of the reasons why a solar panel system is a smart investment is because these panels allow you to cut down on your energy costs significantly. The reason behind this is that these panels effortlessly produce energy from the sun, which is a free resource. Thus, you will no longer have to pay any monthly dues for your energy consumption. With the money that you save monthly, sooner or later you will be able to earn back the money that you have spent to get the panels and have them installed.

Increased Home Value


Another reason why a solar panel system is a smart investment is that these panels can increase the value of your home. This means that should you wish to sell your home in the future, you will be able to do so at a better price than the other homes in the market, all because of your solar panel installation. The reason behind this is that more and more homeowners see solar panels as an alternative means of energy that will allow them to continue with their daily functions even if they are suddenly cut off the grid for whatever reason. A solar panel system is also considered as a form of an add-on or customization that is worth paying an additional amount of money for.

Eco-Friendly Energy Source


The effects of climate change have been drastic in the past couple of years such that summers have been extremely hotter and hurricanes stronger. When you invest in a solar panel system, you are giving back to the environment and reducing your carbon footprint significantly. This only means that you are caring for the world to allow future generations to enjoy it as much as you did. One home off the grid translates to a significant amount of nonrenewable energy resources that have been saved.

Investing in your Community


The solar industry has paved the way for the creation of numerous jobs that accept even those without a college degree. To give back to your community, as soon as you are ready to make the switch, explore local solar companies in your area who will be able to supply you with the panels that you need. They will also be the ones who will handle the permits necessary to install the panels, ensuring that these adhere to the building codes implemented in your area. When you invest in a local company, you are also supporting high paying jobs in your community. This is even better news if you are working in the solar industry yourself because you are contributing to your job security.

Government Incentives

A solar panel system is a great investment because when you install one in your home, you will be eligible for certain government incentives such as tax deductions. Some states have programs that entitle you to deduct 30% of the full cost of your solar panel installation from your tax bill. For instance, if the procurement and the installation of the panels cost a total of $15000, then you will be able to deduct $4500 from your tax bill. The great news is that in some states, you can even roll this amount over to the next financial year. In this case, you can use the money that you save from paying your tax dues for other necessities in your household.

Smart Alternative in Rural Areas

There are still rural areas in the world today where electricity is limited or even nonexistent. This is where a solar panel system can work its magic because it allows homeowners to harness energy from the sun to be transformed into the electric energy that they can use to power up their appliances or even to light up their homes especially at night. This is truly more convenient than having to maintain diesel generators that consume immense fuel which can prove to be expensive. With a switch to solar panels, they gain access to electricity while reducing their carbon footprint and saving money too.

Business Opportunity

There are certain areas where power outage is quite common. If you live in any of these areas, then you can make a business out of your stored solar power. In this case, you can put up a stall with battery charges that will allow you to charge the electronic devices of your neighbors for a certain fee. With stored solar power energy, you will be able to charge mobile phones, laptops, flashlights, or any other electronic device that needs to be powered up. Not only will this bring you another stream of income, but you will also be of great service to the people around you or in your neighborhood.

In conclusion, a solar panel system is a smart investment because, in the long run, you will find that your accumulated energy bills are significantly lower. Alongside this, solar energy panels can increase your home value too. In using a solar panel system, you are making a conscious effort to take care of the environment too. Not only this, but you are investing in your community as well. The great part is that you can be eligible for certain government incentives because of being off the grid and even have the opportunity to turn this smart energy source alternative into a profitable business venture.