Rough Stone Wall Ideas

Rough Stone Wall Ideas

This sunny September weekend I found myself admiring (make that obsessing over) the old raw stone walls seen everywhere on the Pakruojis Manor in Lithuania. Almost all manor buildings (except the main one) exterior facades were built and decorated with old rough stones and the windows were edged with red bricks or white plaster borders. This wonderful sight of these heritage architecture details made me look up how the rough stone walls could be incorporated into the everyday interior.

Of course, only the lucky ones here can enjoy a retained stone wall, however, admiring a great work never gets boring. If you are one of the lucky ones that need inspiration on how to incorporate this wall into your home, check this collection of ideas.

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An all-white space is complemented by high ceilings left from an old farmhouse in Italy. The floor was chosen in a soft light color painted concrete. Rough walls have beautiful exposed beams left there as well. The furniture is in light or natural shades and materials, therefore space doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Images via ↑

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A stone wall can work not only in modern, dark classic, or lodge-style interiors but also in elegant, soft, and light spaces. These two examples show, how a rough stone wall complements a room while becoming a statement piece, but not overwhelming the other decor and furniture pieces. The only simple rule here is to keep the stone color in a similar shade to other elements in the room.

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I don’t think you could ever be disappointed with these beautiful rough stone walls that are authentically retained. If you add subtle highlights from a wash light from the recessed floor or ceiling lamps, the stone wall creates an amazing play of shadows and rough texture that gives a statement right-away. To expose a darker shade of stone, a warm-toned light source should be considered. The warm tones soften the rough and cold surface a bit and give it a “burrow” and cozy feeling.

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