Rustic Mountain Chalet Apartment

Rustic Mountain Chalet Apartment

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Hello dearies! As summer approaches slowly, those tiny thoughts about vacations and getaways are starting to get into my head more often. I always felt like more of a “mountain” person, because the idea of  sea and beach always leaves me itchy. As a person with reaally, like really, pale skin and very painful sunburns I don’t enjoy being at the seaside that much. Therefore this wonderful hideaway in the French Alps was a joy to my eyes. Take a look at this apartment with a warm atmosphere created by using a natural palette of neutral colors and soft textures. Studio76 Architetti Associati created an apartment, which is slightly more than 530 square feet and is a rather small space for a five-person family to live in, therefore the priority of this makeover was to maximize the space and create two independent bedrooms, with a unique space for the living room, kitchen, and dining room. The wood used for the furniture, ceilings, and walls was recovered from an old church in Poschiavo, Switzerland, while the kitchen is formed in ecological cement (more info here), and the chairs are Eames DSW by Vitra. The renovation began in October and ended mid-December, so that the family could spend their first Christmas holiday there.

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You can spot a wonderful idea of recessed lighting installed not into the ceiling, but into a wooden beam. The heaters are also well hidden behind a wooden panel with horizontal oblong holes milled through. Two logs are used for replacing a coffee table, or maybe just for serving as a leg rests.

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The bathroom is also styled in a modern rustic way, where, the tiles are used only in the most humid places, where they are essential, like for example – shower. The wood is used not only on the walls and furniture, but also for fully covering the ceiling, as you can see in the top photo. Wall-installed taps and freestanding Vero washbasin (from Duravit, which you can find right Here) create a modern look, and give a lighter feeling to otherwise heavy wooden decor.

megeve apartment hqroom ru 6 Rustic Mountain Chalet Apartment megeve apartment hqroom ru 7 Rustic Mountain Chalet Apartment megeve apartment hqroom ru 8 Rustic Mountain Chalet ApartmentArchitects Studio76 Architetti Associati

Photography Valentina Sommariva

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