Space Expansion By Filippo Carandini

Hello, Time Travelers,

This week I met a talented guy – Filippo Carandini – an interior designer from Italy. Well, he even doesn’t know that I met him… Luckily, he shared his work with me. I published here his two main interior design projects. The first one is a private apartment in Florence and the second – private apartment in Hamburg.

Both projects are united for the idea to expand the space. And he’s good.

Creating the illusion of one large open space in apartments in Florence, which required to refuse the doors. The dark framed glass doors expand the space, not breaking it down. Furniture, for example, bed backrest, table are lowered.

For not overcrowding interior transparent chairs find the purpose.

Near the blacks, greys, and whites, a drop of olive.

Brilliant pastel color in the kitchen cabinetry.

Private apartments in Hamburg.