Summer House in Greece

Summer House in Greece

So today I wanted to post something more relative to summer vacation theme and what instantly popped into my mind was a beautiful villa on the island with an endless sea view. Athens-based architecture studio Block 722 designed this attractive holiday house on the Greek island of Syros, a popular summer destination for Greeks and foreigners alike. The house is spacious enough to accommodate a family and their guests, since there is a guest room that is discreetly detached from the main house, as well as vast outdoor space for socialising and relaxing. Ideally aligned with the breathtaking view over Plagia bay, the residence merges gracefully with the surroundings by adapting to the topography and the use of local stonework.

The interior itself reflects holiday atmosphere with the clean and simple stone, concrete, whitewash & wood design decorated with fabric elements like bean bags in the terrace and rope lamps hanging in the bedroom. With amazing view from every window, the minimal interior seems to reflect the rustic landscape. What more can I say, seems like a perfect holiday destination..

Type: Residential
Architects: block722
Location: Syros, Greece
Photography: Erieta Attali, Ioanna Roufopoulou
Year: 2014

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