Sutainable Living: Earthships

Sutainable Living: Earthships

We opened our mag’s new category Sustainable Living because we feel social responsibility for the changes of our mother earth and we want to spread a word about how to live more sustainably. We want to ask You at first, to write to us, share ideas and other articles about more sustainable living, we will be in love to upload it here!

michael reynolds Sutainable Living: Earthships

Garbage Warrior” is an award-winning documentary of the epic story of radical “Earthship” eco architect Michael Reynolds and his fight to build off-the-grid self-sufficient communities.

earthship trip 0091 1024x768 Sutainable Living: Earthships Americans throw out enough soda, cans, and bottles to reach to the moon and back—twenty times. Most of this garbage is continuously put into landfills, oceans, and undesirable places. However, some of this garbage is being transformed from unworthy items to desirable belongings.

p1000635 1024x768 Sutainable Living: Earthships The goal of an Earthship is to create a home that is sustainable, can rely on natural energy sources, and is economically feasible to the average person. The homes he creates are mainly in Taos, New Mexico, where a community has been set up and where they are actually currently allowed.

n 1024x768 Sutainable Living: EarthshipsVaulted Earthship entrance1 1024x768 Sutainable Living: Earthships Water systems are used in the house, by collecting and storing water in a large tank, which is responsible for all water use throughout the home. Electricity systems are used thanks to solar panels, and wind turbines. Sewage systems are incorporated within the house by filtering toilet water to feed and water the gardens, responsible for the food production. Lastly, comfort systems utilize heating from the sun, and also from solar and wind energy. All these systems help make the home off the grid, and capable of all functions without the use of outside sources of energy.earthship illustration Sutainable Living: Earthships

Thus, these Earthships can be built in any climate, anywhere in the world. From extreme cold close to the poles to the equator.  Earthships allow you to live in harmony with the environment, with security, modern amenities, a higher return on your investment, and a low risk/high-value asset.

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