The Importance of Quality: 3 Furniture Pieces That Every Home Needs

The Importance of Quality: 3 Furniture Pieces That Every Home Needs

When you were younger and moved into your first apartment, quality furniture wasn’t at the top of your “needs” list, was it? Nine times out of ten, it probably wasn’t. As far as furnishing your apartment, the only thing you were concerned about was getting furniture in it that would serve its purpose… it didn’t necessarily have to look good or be comfortable.

During those times, the low standards of quality furniture were mostly due to the fact that you couldn’t afford quality furniture, nor did you really care about it because you spend your money on better things than furniture! But now that you’ve gotten older, your priorities, tastes, and standards have matured with time just as much as you have, and in that maturity, lifestyle changes need to be made.

Not only has your taste in clothing changed but your finances have changed too! With that financial increase, you’ve gotten a taste for the finer things in life, especially from a home decor perspective. You FINALLY have a true understanding and appreciation for quality pieces in your home and have no problem with paying a little extra for furniture that will last.

You’ve heard the saying “you get what you pay for,” right? Most people have and that statement is true most of the time. If something is priced too good to be true, it usually is and will not last you a long time. You have to look at your quality furniture pieces as investments in yourself and in your home so that you’ll know that it’s money well-spent.

If you’ve finally hit that maturity milestone of appreciating quality versus quantity, then keep reading. Here are 5 furniture pieces that every home needs and can travel with you from location to location.

A Rug That Will Bring an Entire Room Together

A rug is essentially artwork for the floors. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, and are made of various materials. A lot of people tend to overlook rugs as a statement piece for their home… they stick to the typical statement pieces like chandeliers, fireplaces, and artwork…

luxury rug The Importance of Quality: 3 Furniture Pieces That Every Home Needs

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There’s nothing wrong with using those as statement pieces but people don’t realize that a rug can also be the bold focus of a room just as much as any type of wall art… as mentioned earlier, rugs are floor art!

A Couch Made With All Facets of Comfort and Functionality

If your couch’s purpose is like everyone else’s, then you know that your couch has many responsibilities. Although a couch’s purpose is to provide seating for the homeowner and guests, we still use the couch for other purposes. Your couch is not only a couch but it is also a:

  • Dinner table
  • Bed
  • Home office
  • Lounge area for pets
  • Homework location
  • Bank (collecting change)

Now, even though we use our couches for those purposes, it’s important that you try to get out of those habits because it’s those habits that essentially tear up your couch and make you need to buy new furniture. If you can, try to use your household furniture for what it was designed for. Your couch was made for sitting and lounging, not for full-blown going to sleep on; and it definitely wasn’t made for eating on!

couch The Importance of Quality: 3 Furniture Pieces That Every Home Needs

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That’s where you get all the stains from whether it be from food or drinks. The key to enforcing these household rules starts with you. If you don’t let your family or visitors know, they’ll just do exactly what they see you doing. If you’re eating on the couch, they’ll follow suit… you have to showcase what you expect.

A Mattress Designed for Comfort

A mattress might not be the first quality piece you had in mind to buy… you were probably thinking of something a little fancier, right? Probably so but buying a quality mattress is the equivalent of you investing in the amount of rest you get at night. The National Sleep Foundation states that the type of mattress you buy plays an important role in how well you sleep.

luxurious matress The Importance of Quality: 3 Furniture Pieces That Every Home Needs

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Factors like comfort and body temperature are linked to the type of mattress you choose, so make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for in a mattress when you speak with the salesperson. Looking for a mattress may not be the most fun shopping experience but it is necessary when looking for quality pieces.