Tips for Choosing The Perfect Invite for Your House-Warming Party

Tips for Choosing The Perfect Invite for Your House-Warming Party

A house warming party is often an informal event among friends. Most of the time, invitations are given verbally or through a quick message. Nonetheless, you can elevate your status as a host by making an official announcement using printed or online invites, which can be mailed through post or sent digitally.

Using beautifully designed invitations can make the expression of inviting your family and friends to celebrate your new home more meaningful and joyful. As everyone is always attached to their phone nowadays, it’s better for you to send the invitations through email or other messaging platforms. You reduce the carbon footprint and save time as well.

house waming party Tips for Choosing The Perfect Invite for Your House Warming Party

House-warming party 🠕

Technology has also made the process of tracking RSVPs more straightforward. Companies like Greenvelope have an extensive database of customizable invitation templates to choose from while allowing you to monitor the guests who’ve confirmed and follow up on those who haven’t responded.

If you’re planning to throw a housewarming party, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect invite:

Determine Your Preferred Style

As mentioned above, a housewarming party is a bit more informal than other types of events, such as weddings. Nonetheless, you can add more value to your gatherings by sending out invitations. This gets to convey how much you want your guests to join you in the celebration.

Regardless of whether you plan on having a simple house party or go all out with a theme, you must choose an invitation style that expresses your intent for the event. Research online on the current design trends and see which ones catch your eye and connect with you the most.

housewarming party ideas Tips for Choosing The Perfect Invite for Your House Warming Party

Although a bit more informal than other events, a housewarming party can also have fancy decor 🠕

These are some of the styles that you may want to use for your invitations:

  • 3-Dimensional – 3D designs take on a more realistic appearance. You can use it to portray a life-like version of your home in your invitation, which can serve as a guide for your family and friends since it’s their first time to visit your place.
  • Retro – You can also go for the old school route and use designs inspired by the Victorian Era and Industrial Revolution. Complete the theme with yellowed or aged paper to give it that dated feel.
  • Abstract – This style pertains to random colors and shapes that can attract the attention of your guest without portraying a specific object or character. If your house is riding the geometric trend for home designs, you may want to use the same patterns for continuity.
  • Typography – Typography takes advantage of eye-catching fonts and layouts to draw the eye of your invitees. The best thing about this style is that it can complement the other designs. It works well with the retro and abstract styles.
  • Minimalism – This minimalist approach to design limits the number of elements displayed while still conveying your message clearly. There’s also a lot of thought put into the selection of colors and fonts. It’s characterized by the use of clean spaces and lines, which can be refreshing to look at.

Know the Colors You Want

Similar to choosing the colors of your house, you should also be selective about the palette you’ll be using for your invitations. The right hues are essential for grabbing the attention of your guests and even subconsciously remind them that a response is crucial.

housewarming party invitation Tips for Choosing The Perfect Invite for Your House Warming Party

Neutral and pastel colors are always a great choice 🠕

Knowing the fundamentals of color theory, especially the color wheel, can help you combine the best shades for your invitation. You also have to consider variables like contrast and saturation in relation to your paper color and type.

Pick the Best Font Type and Size

You want people to be able to read the details of your invitation clearly. That’s why it’s essential for you to select the best font type and size. You need to consider the age groups of your invited guests. If you have older members of the family coming over, you might want to opt for a larger font size so that they can read the invite with ease.

geometric party invitation card Tips for Choosing The Perfect Invite for Your House Warming Party

Minimalist font and colorful geometry looks great 🠕

The typeface you use should also work well with your invitation’s style. For instance, the serif font evokes a more formal vibe, so it’s best to use it with a retro design. It can also complement abstract and minimalist prints depending on the other elements with it.

Consider the Content

For invitations, you have limited space to display your house warming party details and instructions. Make sure that you print the essentials, like the purpose, date, and time when the event will start, as well as location. You can also put special requests like the theme and dress code if you want one.

If you can, follow the Who, What, Where, and How format to answer the questions of your guests. Often, these details are already enough to fill the gaps and compel them to join you in celebration.

minimalist party invitation Tips for Choosing The Perfect Invite for Your House Warming Party

Beautifully decorated invitation card 🠕

Remember not to dump a lot of text onto your invitation, even if you feel that all of the information is crucial for your guests to know. Don’t crowd the area of your summons. There should still be enough whitespace, which can boost legibility and comprehension. You can just add extraneous details in the body of your email when you send the invite.

Think about the Cost

Lastly, consider the overall price of making an invitation. While a written announcement is essential, it’s also not practical to go all out and spend a hefty amount on the creation of your invites. Think about the printing cost as well, especially the price of paper, ink, and envelopes, if you’re planning to mail them. To save money, you can go digital and send it via email or social media.


minimalist menu template Tips for Choosing The Perfect Invite for Your House Warming Party

This menu template is a perfect example of a simple invitation card you can make yourself 🠕

An invitation can serve as an official announcement and make the gesture of inviting your guests more impactful. It is able to show how much thought you’ve poured into the act, which can motivate them to join you as you celebrate this new chapter of your life.

When looking for the perfect invite, you must determine the style that you want as well as the color scheme that works well with your theme. Other factors to consider include the font size and type, content, and cost.