Tips For Preventing Toilet Clog

Tips For Preventing Toilet Clog

A clogged toilet can bring inconvenience because of the stress it causes. Most homeowners deal with a clogged toilet at least once. It can be annoying and when left unaddressed, the damage can be costly and disastrous. There are simple things you can do to prevent the trouble related to a clogged toilet.

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Practices You Can Follow To Prevent Clogs

A clogged toilet does not occur overnight. It can be due to a number of reasons. You might flush something that your toilet cannot handle. It is important that you know the signs of a clogged toilet so you will have an idea about the steps you have to take:

Toilet draining slowly

If you notice that it takes a few minutes for your toilet to completely drain after you flush it, it means that your toilet is experiencing either partial or full clog. Most often than not, using a plunger to flush your toilet can solve the problem. However, this may not always be the case.

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If after using a plunger you are still experiencing slow drain, it only means that you need to leave the problem to a licensed plumber and AC repair Dallas. A plumbing professional will inspect your toilet to find out about the primary cause of the problem. Once it is identified, the plumber will make sure that your toilet is fixed.

Avoid flushing non-flushable items

You can clog your toilet if you flush non-flushable things. The toilet paper can pass through the sewer pipes and drainage. However, you should avoid flushing a paper towel or napkin because they are bigger and thicker than toilet paper. If children are inside the bathroom, they might be flushing their toys down the toilet. Children are usually fascinated by watching these things disappear down the toilet. Unfortunately, toys are non-flushable and they can clog your drain.

Aside from toys, diapers and sanitary products should not also be flushed because they can also cause a huge problem sooner or later. These items must be thrown in the bin. Some might argue that sanitary products are flushable, but in cases when your plumbing system is already old, you need to avoid flushing them.

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It is also common to see people vomit in a toilet bowl. Your toilet should not be a proper place for you to throw your food away. Aside from the fact that cleaning the mess can be such a challenge, your toilet will not love the problem it causes.

Educate children

While children may not be fully aware of the serious impact of flushing toys down the drain, educating them is a must. Kids are curious and they always want to check if any random item can be flushed away. Be sure to supervise your children when going to the bathroom. If you are not using the bathroom, it should be shut so they cannot enter and flush items as they please.

The importance of calling a plumber

While a clogged toilet may be something that you can do on your own, calling a licensed plumber to fix the problem is the best way to go. The clog might originate from your plumbing system that is no longer working properly. Without proper tools, you will not be able to know how serious the problem is. There can be items causing the problem that you might not be aware of. Some culprits include hair or dental floss.

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While they may be flushable, this stuff tends to get stuck on a rough spot. When other things pass by, it can result in a more serious problem, especially if it hangs up on your PVC pipe seams. Your plumber will provide you with a detailed solution to the problem. They are well-trained and have the proper tools to diagnose the issue.

Other possible reasons your toilet is clogged

Hard water issues: You determine the hardness of water based on the minerals that it contains. If the water has a higher quantity of minerals, it can cause a serious problem because they can accumulate in your plumbing system. This problem can restrict proper water and waste flow. The plumber addresses the problem by using a solution that will flush out your entire toilet system. Installing a water softener will be the long-term solution to the problem.

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Clogged drain line: The age of your drain line is another factor that determines the efficiency of your toilet. A drain clogs because of the paper products and regular waste that you flush away. You can restore the efficiency of your drain if a professional plumber will address the problem.