Tips On How To Decorate The Interior Of A High Rise Apartment

In today’s Chicago rental market, high-rise apartments have become more desirable than ever. These buildings have several stories of residential apartments that come with every amenity you need—from a well-equipped gym to a relaxing pool. However, what’s more, interesting about living in this kind of place is the interior design you want for your abode. Although decorating your personal living space is a personalized process, below are a few tips to consider for designing the interior of your high-rise apartment:

1. Use unique design accessories

Indeed, having a skyline view is undoubtedly an extraordinary facet, and an apartment interior that features such a view can also be decorated with unique and interesting details. Small and simple additions such as stylish ceilings, a structured rug, bowed pendant lights, and a dash of abstract wall art can bejewel your high-rise apartment without being tacky. These subtle design features can also add depth to your room, highlighting the fact that it has a sophisticated interior. Remember that all of these design details can make your space extra special.

If you’re looking to embellish your high-rise apartment with elegant details and flourishes, take a look at this guide to Chicago’s best interior design to help you out and give you some ideas.

2. Get a piece of furniture with a tropical vibe

Most high-rise apartment buildings have a skyline view. To further accentuate this unique scenery, selecting furniture such as a curvy rattan table and similar pieces can help complement your skyline view with a fresh lush vibe. This can make your room look undoubtedly modern, making it the perfect interior design for spaces with a skyline view.

3. Add greenery

Many interior designs in urban buildings like a Chicago high-rise apartment prefer a tropical style. That’s because tropical accents and plants can give your space warmth and positive vibes. All the more, the addition of tropical plants can give your room a personal touch while maintaining a modern look. So, surround your apartment with indoor plants such as potted trees and flowers in a vase for a tabletop centerpiece to make it more inviting and livelier.

4. Choose a good mixture of color scheme and accessories for the interior

A perfect combination of light and dark color schemes for your wall, furniture, and other accessories is the best way to come up with an inviting interior that blends well with the city view outside. You can start by having a fresh coat of paint or covering your bare walls with beautiful, customized wallpapers. From there, you can hang your favorite family portrait or anything that makes your place warm and personal. If you also have an old piece of furniture like a chair and you want to make a quick change on it, you can do so by covering it with a blanket to turn it into a brand-new one. Furthermore, if you partner these things with other warm touches such as indoor houseplants, your living space will be as sprightly as the landscape of city lights outside.

5. Use cork wallpapers and contemporary coverings for windows

When you’re living in a high-rise building, you may feel that walls are too thin that you can hear what your neighbors are saying. That said, you can use cork wallpapers that help reduce outside noises. Moreover, if your windows are facing south, you may need UV protection and other contemporary window covering ideas for your windows to help you prevent damage to your pieces of furniture and even your skin. These simple decorating tips can also make your stay in the apartment cozier, more comfortable, and personalized.

6. Place free-standing shelves

Most high-rise buildings don’t have sufficient space and the walls don’t seem to support functional shelves that can add to the fantastic interior look of your room. In that regard, using free-standing shelves can help you maximize your space and make it a cozier place to live in. These shelves are highly recommended because of their ability to be stacked up to the ceiling. Furthermore, if you want to get the most out of your furnishings, look for the perfect texture in your wall coverings, fabrics, and other accessories. That way, you can add a distinctive character to your apartment.

7. Avoid unnecessary distractions

If your high-rise apartment has an epic outside view and floor-to-ceiling windows, making the decoration modern and straightforward can be an excellent designing tip. Sometimes, you have to keep the focus on the skyline to display a spectacular city view in your Chicago apartment. Thus, it’s better not to surround your interior with unnecessary distractions so you’ll not block the stellar view.


When it comes to living in a Chicago high-rise apartment where there is a city view, you have to choose the interior design that works best for you and your living space. Whether you fancy a minimalist apartment or an elegant one just like the outside view room, use these tips for decorating a chic interior.