Using Trees to Enhance Your Garden Design and Boost Home Value

Using Trees to Enhance Your Garden Design and Boost Home Value

Maintaining an impressive curb appeal can boost a home’s value by an average of 7 percent and up to 14 percent in slower real estate markets with more housing inventory,  according to a study published in the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. One of the major elements of curb appeal is trees. Besides being beautiful, trees provide shade during the summer, boost air quality, block out noises from the neighborhood, and increase biodiversity in the form of birds, squirrels, and insects. However, deciding what type of trees to have in your landscape shouldn’t be haphazard; you must carefully consider various key factors including size, shape, placement, and growing habits of trees to create a healthy and functional garden or yard.

trees for shading Using Trees to Enhance Your Garden Design and Boost Home Value

Plan before you plant

Before adding any tree to your yard, it’s a good idea to have a carefully-considered planting plan that locates each tree in its most ideal position in your landscape. An effective planting plan is one that considers your unique needs for planting the trees and takes climate and environmental factors into consideration. For example, if you are looking to add shade, the ideal planting position is the backyard at least 20 feet from your house where you can plant a tree with a broad canopy that casts a big shadow. Flowering and ornamental trees are typically smaller than shade trees and are better placed in your front yard where their vibrant colors and unique textures are most visible.

small trees Using Trees to Enhance Your Garden Design and Boost Home Value

Choosing the right trees

There are numerous things to consider when choosing the right types of trees for your garden. First of all, you want trees that will flourish in your geographical location. The country is divided into various hardiness zones based on climate, so you want to find out what types of trees will work in your area. For example, olive trees and citrus trees thrive well in areas with plenty of sunshine and steady temperatures while walnut or apple trees can withstand colder temperatures. The size of the tree also matters a lot, particularly when it’s mature.

privacy trees Using Trees to Enhance Your Garden Design and Boost Home Value

A 75-foot tree like the Yellow Buckeye may not be ideal as it can skew the proportions of smaller homes. Another thing to consider is whether you want a coniferous or deciduous tree; that is, do you want a tree that stays evergreen year-round like a Hollywood juniper or one that drops its leaves in the fall like a maple or oak tree? Finally, pay attention to the level of maintenance required for the trees you choose. A maple tree may look great in your garden, but are your raking or leaf blower skills up to scratch?

Removing trees

Sometimes you may have trees on your property that don’t quite fit the design, size requirements, or other unique needs you have. One of the main reasons why homeowners may request tree removal services is because the trees simply do not align with the rest of the home’s aesthetics, say professional removal experts at  72 Tree of Alpharetta. Maybe the size, color, or shape of the tree is conflicting with the design of your home.

almond trees Using Trees to Enhance Your Garden Design and Boost Home Value

Another reason why you may want to get rid of a tree is when it’s too much of an obstruction for views, light, the warm rays of the sun, or refreshingly cool winds. Some trees can also become a threat to your safety, for instance, if it’s harboring dangerous pests like raccoons that can use it as a bridge into your home or when the tree is at a high risk of causing structural damage to your home if it collapses.

A tree addition or removal from your property is a small decision with a big impact. Take your time when making such decisions to ensure that you have a perfect mix of trees in your garden that boosts the value of your property and the overall feeling of satisfaction you get when you are at home.

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