What Makes a Productive Office Space?

What Makes a Productive Office Space?

When it comes to working hard and working productively, you always want your employees to work effectively. People can force themselves to work to meet deadlines, but if their brains are working against them, it doesn’t matter how long or how hard they work, the results will still not be their best. When people work productively, however, they can get their work done faster, and with better results. The difference between these two stages is how healthy and happy your employee is, and a significant contributor to this state of being in the office in which they work. This is why you need to work on bettering your office space so that your employees enjoy themselves more, and get better work done as a result, and all you need to do is ensure space has the following.

Bright Spaces

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Humans need light. A lack of light can exacerbate and even cause a large range of mental health and physical health conditions that make working and living more difficult. Physically, a lack of light (particularly during winter) leads to a Vitamin D deficiency. Mentally, a lack of light can cause or worsen depression, anxiety, and can even cause your employees to feel drowsy and unproductive (for support with depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns, please click here). Other health considerations you must take into account is that poor lighting is also hard on the eyes, which, combined, means that you as an employer or owner have many different incentives to ensure that your office is as bright and clean as possible.

Beautiful Design

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Design is a critical aspect of every single person’s life. It is what contributes to how we use space, how we advertise, how we dress – design is universal, and it applies to all areas of our life. The quality of design also plays an important role in how we feel and how we behave. This applies to social spaces like café’s and restaurants, and it applies to where we work. In fact, workplace design is even more critical, due to the long periods of time employees spend in this environment, and the specific tasks they must conduct. A great design will help your employees love where they work, be happier, and more productive. If your office space is not up to par, then you need to visit a design consultancy like 360degrees.uk.com and work on creating a design that reflects your company and works with your employees.

Pops of Inspiration

Working on a computer can become quite monotonous, which is why having pops of inspiration, either by having artwork on the wall or allowing your employees to add a few personal effects, can help them take a break and stimulate their brain as they do so. Micro-breaks like this are important to help your employees collect their thoughts and to give their brains a break, because the more they can get their brain off the problem at hand, the more they can come back to the problem with fresh eyes later. By having artwork for them to glance at, you’re allowing your employees to take five minutes.

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Assuming that your employees can work non-stop is your first mistake; therefore, you need to design your space so that firstly, your employees can work more productively in bursts, and also so that when they do go on a break they can completely take their mind off of their work for a few minutes. This will give their brain a break and allow them to come back and work better, rather than burning themselves out. Always make design work for you, so that you can all succeed.