When Should You Call For AC Repair Service?

When Should You Call For AC Repair Service?

Most homes, especially those in warmer areas, rely on quality air-conditioning (AC) systems for optimum indoor temperatures.

While most modern AC systems are highly reliable, they’ll eventually suffer from mechanical issues due to natural wear and tear. That said, being able to recognize any potential issue with your AC unit can be quite useful.

Luckily, this post enumerates some of the early signs that you need to call an AC repair service right away. Keep on reading to learn more.

1. Warm, Poor, Or No Air Flow

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An AC system that produces little to no cold air is a sign that the unit isn’t working efficiently or there’s a clog that’s restricting airflow through the ductwork. In most cases, it may simply be caused by a dirty filter that prevents adequate airflow. You can easily clean or replace the filter.

However, if replacing or cleaning the filters doesn’t fix the issue, then you’ll need to call an AC repair service right away. The AC may have issues with your air ducts or the compressor.

A more serious sign that your AC requires professional repair is when warm air comes out. This could be an indicator of issues with the compressor or if there’s little refrigerant in your system. Another potential cause could be a leak or crack in your ductwork which allows warm air to come in from your crawl space or attic.

Consult an AC repair company in your area to schedule an inspection and repair your AC unit in no time.

For instance, you can click here to visit an example AC repair business if you’re interested in their services. There are a lot of options near you as well – a quick online search will do the trick.

2. Strange Noises

According to AC repair experts, an aircon unit makes noise during operations due to the compressor. But if you start hearing strange gurgling sounds or other unusual sounds that the AC unit has never made before, then it’s a sign that your AC needs an emergency inspection.

Don’t ignore the strange noises coming from your AC system since it’s a sign that something’s wrong with the unit and may require repair services.

3. Strong Odors

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In general, cool air from your AC shouldn’t come with any odor. So, if you open your AC unit and fill the room with a strange odor, it’s a sign to call for professional AC services right away.

If the cool air produces a moldy or musty smell, it may be caused by water accumulation in your drain lines or ducts, encouraging the growth of mildew and mold. An AC expert can deep clean your unit to fix this issue right away.

Nonetheless, stronger smells coming from your AC vents and ducts may indicate a more serious issue. In particular, burning smells can be quite dangerous and may be caused by an overheated system. Make sure to turn off your AC and contact an AC expert right away.

If your home uses natural gas, detecting sulfurous or skunk-like odor is a sign that you need to call an emergency repair service right away. This odor is caused by natural gas leaks into your AC ductwork, which can be extremely dangerous and even fatal.

Meanwhile, sweet smells also indicate another serious issue. Refrigerant gases often have a distinctly sweet smell. Refrigerant leaks can contaminate your air supply. And although it may not seem as dangerous as a burning or sulfurous odor, inhaling refrigerant gases can cause allergic reactions and lung damage. So, call the experts right away.

4. Built-Up Ice

Your AC system is supposed to be cold. But it shouldn’t be ice cold. If you notice ice forming on its components, particularly in the evaporator coil, then it’s best to call an AC repair technician to address it immediately. Repair-related costs will justify themselves.

Even if you didn’t notice ice forming, you can recognize the issue due to the pool of water forming under your AC system. It may not seem worrying, but built-up ice isn’t an issue that’ll correct itself and may even cause further damage to other components.

5. Electrical Issues

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If you notice that your AC system frequently trips your circuit breaker, then it’s best to call an emergency AC repair service on the dot.

A tripping circuit breaker may be a sign of underlying electrical issues–whether with the electrical panel or the AC unit itself. Problems with electrical wiring and systems should only be dealt with by professionals to avoid the risk of a fire breaking out.


When the AC unit goes down, especially during the summer season, you may be left battling the hot temperatures and extreme humidity all on your own. Don’t let it happen to you and your family. Once you see any of the abovementioned signs, call the right experts the soonest for a thorough maintenance inspection of your AC unit and repair any issues.