Windows Shutters: Why Are They So Popular With Designers In The UK?

Windows Shutters: Why Are They So Popular With Designers In The UK?

  1. Introduction
  2. Will Shutters Increase My Property Value?
  3. Is Material Sustainable & Ethically Sourced?
  4. Are They Cost-Effective?
  5. Do Shutters Offer Flexibility?
  6. What Design Will You Choose? Traditional vs. Modern
  7. What Final Touches Will Perfect The Room?
  8. Conclusion


window shutters Windows Shutters: Why Are They So Popular With Designers In The UK?

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Once reserved for traditional, country manor homes, window shutters are currently experiencing somewhat of a revival. The trusty window treatment, which origins can be dated all the way back to Tudor England, is gaining popularity, and for very good reasons. There are a vast number of benefits for opting for traditional wooden shutters over contemporary floor-length drapes, and interior designers are increasingly turning to them over curtains or blinds.

Traditional window shutters were considered a luxury in times gone by, and in fact, until the arrival of glass panes in the late 16th century, wooden shutters were the only form of “window” medieval Britons had to enjoy, allowing them to keep warm against the elements. However, as time progressed and the Georgians and early Victorians, who had a little more disposable income than other members of society, could afford both glass and shutters, they turned to them as barriers against noise, pollution, and those who wanted a peek into their living quarters.

The lure of timeless luxury and elegance is one of the many draws they still hold for homeowners and designers alike today. However, no longer are these handy, classic adornments only featuring in Grade I properties. Instead, the range of styles, colors, materials, and sizes make them the ideal addition to any window in any home, from countryside cottages to urban apartments. Why is the shutter enjoying a boom in popularity, especially with interior designers?

Will Shutters Increase My Property Value?

white window shutters Windows Shutters: Why Are They So Popular With Designers In The UK?

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It’s no secret that owning property is a substantial investment, one which people save for years to acquire. The excitement and joy when you buy and get the keys to your first home are unrivaled, however, adding value to the original house is something that homeowners should think carefully about once they move in.

Regardless of whether you plan to move soon, or switching homes is a far-off dream, adding elegant window treatments, such as plantation shutters can help increase the value of your property. This is partly due to the “luxury” associations they still hold today, but also due to the durability of the product. Realtors, in particular, will use window shutters as a selling feature, and featuring them in any room will add an amount to the price because they are considered a fixture and fittings. Not only have they considered a fixture, but the realtor will also be able to tell future home viewers that the window shutters help reduce utility bills, give greater privacy and light control, and increase insulations as the shutters act as a barrier from drafts.

For interior designers, it means that the initial investment cost of adding shutters will be reaped back when the home is sold. By using sustainable material and classic designs, a homeowner can add a shutter in their taste, be that mahogany wood or light-color, and be assured that the next owner will appreciate the efforts and the style.

Is Material Sustainable & Ethically Sourced?

shutter Windows Shutters: Why Are They So Popular With Designers In The UK?

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In today’s eco-conscious world, it’s no wonder that interior designs especially are moving away from flat-pack, cheaply manufactured products in favor of those ethically sourced. Therefore, wooden plantation shutters are the perfect choice because not only are they lovingly created from wood sourced directly from plantations in incredible locations such as the Solomon Islands, but they are sustainable.

The companies which create the shutters use only natural products, a bonus for our environment. While sustainability may sound like another buzzword, eco-friendliness is at the forefront of designer’s minds, and schemes, so choosing a natural, ethical product is vital.

Are They Cost-Effective?

large shutters Windows Shutters: Why Are They So Popular With Designers In The UK?

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Window shutters may not be the cheapest choice on the market when redesigning a room, but the benefits they bring makes them without a doubt the most cost-effective option. It’s for these reasons why interior designs will opt for classic plantation shutters over heavy curtains. Firstly, there is no doubt that shutters are built to last. Made from the finest material, such as white teak sourced from a plantation on the Solomon Islands, this material is lightweight and durable, meaning you don’t have to replace them year after year. The initial investment is paid off over the years you have the shutters and the house. The shutters a designer and homeowner choose are also made to measure, rather than buying off the rack. There are a variety of heights and widths to fit a variety of windows, from large, bay windows in the living room to exquisite skylight shutters.

Furthermore, the shutters work with your design to ensure your furniture, carpets, and soft furnishings such as bedding and cushions last longer than expected because you can angle direct sunlight away from these precious items. It means that it features in the design which would have been faded by the sun’s powerful UV rays now are protected instead.

Windows shutters also work with your home’s heating system to keep the warmth inside, which is ideal in the depths of winter when outside is snowy and cold. With the thick, wide structure, they effectively create a barrier protecting your rooms from any drafts and heat escaping through the window panes, regardless of whether you have double-glazed windows or traditional sash windows. It means that your utility bill will inevitably reduce because you don’t have to rely on high heating anymore. Likewise, in summer, you can angle them to allow a breeze and ventilation to filter into your home, cooling your home when the heat of the sun is at its peak, or close them entirely to stop the sunlight from heating your room.

It’s these key benefits that often choose between curtains and shutters easy to make for interior designs and homeowners alike; shutters will come out on top every time.

Do Shutters Offer Flexibility?

flexible shutters Windows Shutters: Why Are They So Popular With Designers In The UK?

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With standard blinds and curtains, there are often two options: open or closed. Quite often, homeowners fall into the pattern of opening the curtains first thing in the morning and closing them last thing at night. While this can be seen as a good thing to do, after all, it allows light into the home all day long; in fact, it doesn’t always work perfectly. For example, if you wake up late and your bedroom faces the front street, you may have to get changed in the dark or in harsh, artificial light because opening the curtain will mean prying eyes can peek in when you don’t want them to. Using shutters eliminates this dilemma because you can angle them to allow natural light to filter in any time of the day while maintaining your privacy. For those who are security conscious, this added privacy can bring peace of mind knowing that your possession and family members are safe. Angling the windows shutters is very easy to do, meaning they can work in any room.

Not only do shutters have their uses for your privacy, but they also allow you to fill your home with ventilation. While angling the shutters can reduce the light, it can also help you achieve maximum privacy and allow fresh air to filter in. It can be argued that you can do the same with blinds, but what blinds are likely to do is bang and rattle in the breeze, whereas shutters remain still and noiseless.

Furthermore, the innovative design of track shutters makes them ideal for maximizing space in a variety of rooms, especially in creative spaces. Interior designers and homeowners alike love the flexibility that track shutters give, making them perfect for separating ensuite bathrooms from bedrooms and room dividers. The clever system comes in two distinctive styles; one which allows the shutter panels to glide past each other, and the second, being a bi-fold system where the panels fold out against the wall. For open-plan homes, these work well as room dividers, creating flexible living spaces and creative outlets, such as separating a writing space from the living room. The flexibility offered by opening and closing the bi-folding panels easily also makes them perfect for adjusting light entering a painting studio or kitchen area.

What Design Will You Choose? Traditional vs Modern

traditional window shutters Windows Shutters: Why Are They So Popular With Designers In The UK?

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For interior designers, choosing features within a home must be a beautiful blend of practicality and décor. After all, it is the décor that someone notices first within any room, whether it’s the French Chateau inspired bedroom or the monochrome minimalist bathroom. It’s all in the details, as these are where the eye is drawn towards first, which means that no area is deemed insignificant in the overall design scheme.

modern window shutters Windows Shutters: Why Are They So Popular With Designers In The UK?

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Adding stylish window treatments will make any window a feature in its own right, whether it’s overlooking the stunning countryside or a city street. It means that window shutters are the ideal mix of these key components: practical and pleasing to the eye. The aesthetic value that shutters embody wherever they are, adds timeless elegance, a touch of luxury, and a way to express unique style tastefully. Plantation shutters, especially, add classic style to a room, but they work well in a variety of design schemes. For example, cool, white shutters add a contemporary twist to modern interiors, while choosing sleek, cream-colored shutters to enhance the appearance and feel of the traditional design.

What Final Touches Will Perfect The Room?

awesome interior with window shutters Windows Shutters: Why Are They So Popular With Designers In The UK?

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As mentioned above, there are a variety of styles and sizes in which window shutters are made in, including full height, bay windows, café style, skylight shutters, and tier-on-tier to name a few. Each style can be adapted for the purpose and the room they are featuring in.

For example, tier-on-tier shutters are ideal for large front windows, usually found in living rooms or dining rooms of a home that faces a busy front street. These often the ultimate flexibility in privacy because they are made of two different panels: the top tier and the bottom. It means that the top tier can be open, allowing light and fresh air to enter the room, while the bottom tier remains closed and angled which creates privacy. Bay window shutters fit perfectly to the bay window in any room, which creates more space because heavy, full curtains aren’t trailing and gathering in the floor space. This allows interior designs and homeowners to utilize the space to its advantage, perhaps creating a reading nook or extra storage space.

classic window shutters Windows Shutters: Why Are They So Popular With Designers In The UK?

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In addition to the styles, the color choices are endless for window shutters, making them the ideal accessory and window treatment regardless of the overall color scheme within the room. Perhaps stone grey would work better in a bathroom, while cherry red can fit in a modern dining room. Maybe the color scheme calls for beautiful wood stains, rather than a color, which is possible with window shutters also.

modern cool window shutters Windows Shutters: Why Are They So Popular With Designers In The UK?

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There is no denying that window shutters are enjoying a wonderful revival, and for very good reasons. By using natural, sustainable material, these stylish window treatments are ideal for whatever room you (and your interior designer) is renovating. Changing your living room from traditional dark colors to a bright, modern space? Turn to plantation shutters to create a welcoming, light space you’ll love to call home. Transforming a cold bathroom into the ideal spa haven? Choose natural wooden shutters to ensure they stay waterproof while you’re enjoying one of many showers. Not only can they change the look and feel of any room, but they will also add value to your property. Plantation window shutters are certainly here to stay, and they are one home addition that is inevitably worth the investment.