3 Cool Ideas For An Inspired Master Bedroom

3 Cool Ideas For An Inspired Master Bedroom

When I moved in with my partner, we furnished and decorated our new apartment with a passion that belied its one-year lease. The living room looked gorgeous, opening up onto a spacious dining area. The kitchen wasn’t the prettiest, but we gave it as much attention as we could, stocking it with modern appliances and beautiful cutlery and crockery. The bedroom, however, we mostly ignored.

It’s not that we didn’t have ideas for our bedroom. Rather, we were on a tight budget and, since we would be the only ones seeing our bedroom, that was where we skimped.

cozy minimalist bedroom 3 Cool Ideas For An Inspired Master Bedroom

Twenty years later and I now know what a massive mistake that was. It’s not that our home didn’t look stunning regardless. But our focus had given away something we weren’t really aware of – it wasn’t for us. If we had been truly passionate about our ideas, it would not have mattered who else saw it.

When we finally bought a house, we did the opposite. We started by making sure our bedroom was not just functional but looked amazing. It made all the difference. We had a space to celebrate our relationship, where we could spend quality time together in the best possible ambiance. If you’re not sure how to spruce up your own space, here are some cool master bedroom ideas that will bring your vision to life.

Choose a theme

One of the exciting things about doing up your master bedroom is that you can afford to give it its own theme. The rest of the house needs to be coherent. But the master bedroom can be a space entirely of its own.

Try the following activity. Sit alone if you’re single, or with your partner if you’re in a relationship, and brainstorm your interests and aesthetic inspirations. Write down everything you’re passionate about. Then draw lines between the items which seem like they could work well together.

bright bedroom 3 Cool Ideas For An Inspired Master Bedroom

This way, you can come up with a unique theme that stands alone. Walking into your bedroom will be like taking a step into a world of your own.

Look to other cultures

Western culture is, unfortunately, still influenced by Victorian and Puritan ideas. In those days, sex was something purely functional. You did it in the bedroom in the dark, and you pretended you only did it to procreate.

The master bedroom was designed to reflect this. It worked functionally, without much excitement. At best, there were a ton of pillows.

This is why looking to other cultures helps bring out exciting ideas. Take the Japanese approach to the platform bed for a minimalistic but unique look. Order some furniture made from bamboo to brighten the space. Paint some African murals on your walls.

simple bedroom interior 3 Cool Ideas For An Inspired Master Bedroom

Do anything but a boring Western bedroom. You’ll find one idea after the next that not only attracts you but excites you.

Make it fun

Finally, here’s an idea no one thinks of once they’re “grown-up.” Your bedroom can be a place to have fun (that doesn’t happen in bed). Put in a sound system and have your own dance parties. Keep a musical instrument around (a ukulele is small, easy to play, and attractive). Create your own artwork and hang it on the walls.

lovely bedroom 3 Cool Ideas For An Inspired Master Bedroom

You can even have some creative fun with your clothing. It does not need to be relegated to the wardrobe. Putting your favorite clothes on display can bring that flavor to your bedroom that truly represents you.

A master bedroom does not need to be a purely functional space. Start decorating from there – that way you can be sure it’s about you and not about everyone else.

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