5 Things To Consider Before Remodeling A Small Bathroom

Until recently, bathrooms used to be small, with most of them being no more than 5 feet by 8 feet in size. Inside, you’ll find just enough space for a toilet, vanity, and a tub/shower combination. You might think that remodeling a small bathroom is more difficult because it seems tricky to create space and openness without knocking down any existing walls.

Fortunately, you may discover that choosing the right amenities, fixtures, and colors can help you make a tiny bathroom appear and feel larger than its actual floor area. Are you feeling the excitement yet? After this little project, you might just discover your knack for makeovers and transformations.

Small bathroom remodeling 101

Smaller bathrooms will motivate you to be more creative when trying to get the most out of very little available space. If you’re ready to turn your vision into reality, here are 5 things to consider before taking on your small bathroom remodel:

1. Budget

Before beginning your bathroom renovation project, figure out how much money you want to spend. A predetermined budget will clearly identify what you want to include in your remodel. Start by having a sizeable allowance over the actual estimate. When you finally have a realistic idea of how much you have to spend, you can begin to trim the budget as necessary.

You might think that small bathroom renovations won’t cost you much money. This concept, however, can be subjective because if you’re not cautious, the sky’s the limit as to how much you can allocate. Setting a budget can help eliminate this possibility at any point in your remodeling project. (1)

High-end custom materials and fixtures can be twice as expensive as low-end products. If you prefer to hire a contractor and a team of home improvement professionals, expect to pay even more. On the flip side, if you’re an experienced DIYer and want to do the job yourself, you can factor in the higher labor costs. (1)

2. Time

Many people believe that remodeling a small bathroom will only take a couple of days or, at the very least, much less time than renovating a bigger bathroom. However, this may not always be the case. If you need to revamp more than one element in the bathroom, then the renovation is more similar to a large-scale project.

While in the planning stage, make sure you’re well aware of how long the project can take. That way, you can work out an alternative solution for yourself and your family. There may not be a need to relocate temporarily, but the site can be a hassle for everyone, especially if you hire a team of skilled people to do the job.

3. Ventilation

Ventilation may not have anything to do with making a tiny bathroom appear bigger, but it’s a factor that can affect your comfort level while you’re using the room. It’s essential to ensure adequate ventilation to minimize humidity that could damage your drywall and paint. Reducing or eliminating dampness can help ensure your insulation and wood trim are protected from mold, saturation, and deterioration. (2)

Adding an exhaust fan is the best way to ventilate any bathroom, not just small ones. Because steamy, hot air goes up, installing the exhaust fan in the ceiling makes it more efficient. The elevated location also helps the natural movements of the steam to improve the fan’s performance.

4. Design

Before deciding on the fixtures for your small bathroom, consider how you want it to look. There are several things to consider, such as tubs, vanities, showers, tiles, and paint colors. It’s also important to remember that the layout and design of the bathroom will be influenced by whoever will be using the bathroom frequently.

For instance, installing a tub rather than a shower might be a better idea if the bathroom is for young kids. If it’s going to be a bathroom for guests, you won’t need to add extra storage space or use higher-end fixtures and materials.

The key is to get creative when choosing a design or style for the small bathroom. Because there’s limited space, a corner sink could make the area look and feel less cramped. Oversized mirrors can add more light reflection, making the room look bigger. You can also consider hiding the storage behind the mirror for a more organized and less-cluttered look.

5. Storage

There never seems to be adequate room in the bathroom for everything you want to keep in there. Planning how your bathroom storage will be essential to ensure there’ll be enough space for everything you want to incorporate in your remodeling.

Using the space on your wall is a brilliant idea to gain extra storage. You can install cabinets above the toilet or below the sink. Consider installing a bathroom drawer instead of vanity doors if you want to store cosmetics or toiletries in the vanity area. Drawers can now be seen and accessed more easily. They can be trimmed to fit around plumbing and to accommodate larger items. (3)

Final words

Small bathroom remodels may appear daunting, but investing money, effort, and time in such a project is a worthwhile investment. Not only are you increasing the monetary value of your home, but retouching one small room can improve the overall appearance of your home.


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