Bouwen Farm Renovation in Belgium

Welcome back after a weekend! Today we’re sharing a wonderful reconstruction/renovation of a farm in Belgium. The house owners Peter and Isabelle bought the old farm at the gates of their former home, a villa they had built together and where the veterinary clinic was housed. “But the practice was becoming bigger and bigger and therefore the home and work collided too much into each other. It just was not normal,” says Isabelle.  “For a moment we considered to expand at the old location. Until just a few hundred meters further, an old farm came up for sale. Peter always wanted to buy an old farm and I wanted to continue living in Gaasbeek. So we found a compromise quickly. ” But the story does not end there. The farm, with stables for horses, cows and pigs, was in a very bad state. The owners needed to find an architect that could help them to accomplish their project, and their choice was a talented and professional architect Bart Lens. “Especially the way Bart Lens succeeds to integrate new buildings into existing structures, convinced us.” Peter and Isabelle worked with the architect, poured their ideas and planned everything for eighteen months. Add to this a half years effective rebuilding and in October 2010 the renovated farmhouse allowed the vet and his wife to move in, along with their three children. The interior is minimal with mainly structural architecture materials seen as a focal point. The old red brick, concrete and wooden structures blend into one beautiful unit and makes the space feel modern, while still paying the homage to the old buildings and their historical architectural details. Enjoy the photos and have a wonderful Monday!

Via Archdaily