Can Industrial Doors Withstand Hurricanes

Can Industrial Doors Withstand Hurricanes

Living in Florida means that a hurricane will occur yearly. Without having the right door, you could be saying goodbye to all your goods and merchandise. These storms are no laughing matter. Once your door has flown off from the high winds of a hurricane, the damage can reach the inside of your property. With the right industrial door composed of the best materials, the contents of your building can be protected.

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Are you prepared?

First, you need to understand the power of this natural disaster. A Category 1 hurricane can be up to 95mph, which can be very destructive. However, Category 5 can have winds of over 157mph. It’s not surprising that Hurricane Andrew caused over $27 billion worth of damages and that damage often came down to weak doors. When you live in a city where hurricanes are frequent, the right door can make all the difference. When a door offers insufficient protection, it can be forced open, and when there is added pressure, windows and roofs can come off too.

Hurricane Andrew changed the way doors would be made, and new building codes were drawn up to prevent devastation like this. Door manufacturers and other building material makers stepped up their game, and now all doors in South Florida must be made according to the regulations and standards. Before you would have needed to spend a lot of money to reinforce structural beams. Most people were used to doing that after every hurricane. Now, these doors are ready to take the impact of those 130mph+ winds. The new regulations mean that it’s vital to check what type of door you require. Each zone mandates different doors that can stand faster, more powerful winds.

%name Can Industrial Doors Withstand Hurricanes

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However, don’t try to install the door yourself and think it will suffice. This job is strictly for the professionals, as they can ensure the door is fit correctly. There is a difference between disaster or safety. When a professional installs the door, you can rest assured that the job is done correctly. Additionally, the warranty guarantees satisfaction. Now that you have that knowledge, it’s time to check to see if your door can withstand the amount of pressure caused by those strong winds. Luckily for you, our doors are protected up to 180mph, which is sufficient for even Category 5 hurricanes. Visit Industrial Door Solutions to find out how to get your door today. With lots of different styles and specifications to choose from, there’s something to fit your needs.

Added Benefits to an Industrial Hurricane-Proof Door

Your new door will not only protect your property against hurricanes, but you will also keep your temperature comfortable inside. The temperature inside your building will remain consistent, meaning none of your goods or belongings will be damaged. The weather will no longer affect what’s going on inside, meaning your workers can get back to work.

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Another key benefit of a hurricane-proof door is insulation. You won’t believe how much difference insulation can make to your life. Opening and closing the door will be noise reduced. Your customers, workers, and anyone stepping in will notice the quieter operation.

In the long run, this is an investment because it strengthens your building. Your door will keep all your belongings safe and sound.