Cozy Living Room By Coco Republic

Cozy Living Room By Coco Republic

A welcoming, cozy and comfortable living room is one of the rooms, which welcomes not only family members, but is also used for social gatherings, family parties and loads of other activities. Therefore, creating a space, which is not only comfortable, pleasant to the eye but also representable at the same time, can be a bit of a challenge.  Today we’re sharing one beautiful living space, that has all those qualities and is styled so beautifully. The whole space is neutral – walls are painted in a possibly eggshell white colour, floor in a matching natural stone or ceramic tiles, while the ceiling is designed in a classic decor – dark beams matched with a framed plaster details. Sofa and armchairs are mismatched a bit, however still form a one stylish neutral combination. Even though the armchairs are covered in patterned fabric, the size and fine detail of the print doesn’t make them pop out too much from the overall style. Always bear this in mind if you don’t want to overpower everything else with a patterned furniture piece. The coffee table was replaced by a leather covered ottoman, while storage units were matched in an eclectic style – tv unit has a modern sleek and minimal look and end tables behind the sofa have a classic aged design. Other decor elements that have been used all over the room seem to have matching qualities and style, the end tables, lighting fixtures and even a tray have brass or aged brass details. To liven up the space there are a few plants or bouquets strategically placed over the room. living room1 Cozy Living Room By Coco Republic
living room4. jpg Cozy Living Room By Coco Republic living room5 Cozy Living Room By Coco Republic living room6 Cozy Living Room By Coco Republicliving room2 Cozy Living Room By Coco Republic


Via Coco Republic 

If you’re interested in styling your own living room in a similar manner, we’re sharing how you can achieve a similar look and where to find similar objects to the ones that were featured above.

living room idea Cozy Living Room By Coco Republic

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