Feeling Fall – Madam Stoltz Home Decor

In the midst of the week and while feeling the fleeting last days of summer, the joy, or for some – sadness of upcoming fall begins. I personally enjoy the late evenings, when it gets a bit chilly, while enjoying the warm cup of tea in your hands, covering yourself up with a warm throw and escaping to look up at the star-filled skies. Fall brings back the cold noses and warm houses, the muted colours and candlelights, the crispy leaves and lots of tea. And that’s why I mostly enjoy it. Today we’re sharing a new catalogue inspirations from one of my favourite Danish home decor brands – Madam Stoltz (madamstoltz.dk). Browsing trough the picturesque and muted tone filled photos makes me feel like the autumn is not near, but it’s already here. The main colour palette for this new collection is thick with gold and rose gold toned metallic accessories, beautiful ceramic dishes and decor elements in various neutral colours and of course a variety of glass accessories. To get an early feeling of fall, browse through the inspirational photos below, and by all means visit their website to see all the products, that they create, because they’re incredible.

All images courtesy of Madam Stoltz Autumn/Winter 2015 Catalogue