Home Upgrades that Will Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Home Upgrades that Will Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Realistically speaking, home improvement upgrades can go a long way in making your place of abode more comfortable and convenient. But more than just the comfort and convenience, making some upgrades can also mean more profits for you when you decide to sell your residential property.

So, if you believe you’ll sell your home in the future, below are some upgrades you should do to ensure an increase of its resale value in no time:

Basic Home Upgrades

One of the best ways to enhance your home’s resale value is to make some simple upgrades. These types of chores can help add value to your property. Such updates include keeping the paint fresh and repairing the roof when it leaks, replacing the wood that’s already rotten, and getting rid of any mold. All of these critical home updates can keep your home from deteriorating quickly.

Also, when your home is in perfect working condition with proper routine maintenance in place, you’ll be able to sell it at a higher sale price.

Kitchen Remodel

Another home upgrade that can help increase the property’s value is the kitchen remodel. Since most people view the kitchen as one of the hearts of home, upgrading it is something that can boost your abode’s overall curb appeal. For example, you can replace outdated appliances and swap out fixtures such as new drawer knobs, faucets, and pulls to give your kitchen an improved look.

But before planning a kitchen remodel, you will have to consider the potential costs of the materials versus the value of your home once you finish remodeling it.

At some point, you may ask yourself an important question—is it worth to renovate your kitchen before selling? While a sparkling new kitchen can attract more prospective buyers, it doesn’t automatically guarantee a good sale. Decide whether a pre-sale kitchen update is worth it or not and whether it will boost your home’s resale value.

First of all, assess your current kitchen setup and the estimated cost of upgrades. Then compare these costs to the estimated value of your home after the upgrade and your house’s original value. You may want to consult with a real estate agent to help you assess your kitchen.

Light and Space Updates

When it comes to real estate, having dark, cramped rooms won’t add value to the property. So, if you want to ensure a high resale value when it’s time to sell your home, then you should invest in updates that create incredible light and space.

For instance, you can open up the house to let natural light come in, thereby creating more natural flow. If necessary, you can install new windows to brighten up the place or put some skylights to fill your home with sunlight. When it comes to improving your space, you can opt to install vaulted ceilings to produce the illusion of a bigger space. These are some of the best ways to breathe life back into your home and make it more valuable when the time comes you want to sell it.

Bathroom Update or Addition

Just like the kitchen, bathrooms are also an essential part of a home. If you’re selling property with outdated bathrooms, it can potentially turn off your homebuyers and decrease your home’s resale value. To avoid this from happening, start updating your bathroom fixtures and amenities. If you have extra space to spare, you can even add a bathroom or at least a half-bath to improve your home’s sale appeal.

Deck Addition

Generally, adding a deck can help enhance the resale value of a home. Since most people prefer to stay at home during the weekends and many holidays, many potential homebuyers will be interested in buying a property with an attractive deck. That’s why if you want to make a significant profit when you decide to sell your home in the future, then start updating your backyard with a beautiful deck.

However, when planning to build a deck, be sure to think about the costs involved. They can vary widely depending on the size, design, and materials used. If you want to save a big chunk of the total costs, you may consider upgrading yourself. But if you think the professionals will handle the job best, spend some time searching for the right contractor. Make sure to hire the one who charges reasonable fees and the one you can trust.

The Bottom Line

With the home upgrades listed above, there are plenty more that you can do around your property to increase its value at the time of sale. While these projects can be costly and time-consuming, you can make some of them yourself. It will provide you with high profits and make all your costs worth it when it’s time to sell your home.