20 Things Worth Money in Your Home That You Can Sell Right Now

20 Things Worth Money in Your Home That You Can Sell Right Now

We all have a lot of stuff in our homes that we haven’t used in ages. During spring cleaning, we usually throw away such items without even thinking. Of course, many of these things are worthless. You won’t get a dime for an old, moth-eaten carpet. But there might be things worth money in your home that you can sell for cash.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

There might be things in your house that you consider garbage. But for others, the same stuff might be highly appreciated and valued items worth a lot of money. Collectors from all over the world are looking for discontinued or rare products every day. These people are willing to pay big bucks for your old stuff.

If such items are well preserved, some of these antique objects can be worth thousands of dollars and be classified as authentic treasures by collectors. Let’s take a closer look at the top 20 things that are worth money in your home.

List of 20 Things Worth Money in Your Home That You Can Sell Right Now

1. College Textbooks

Old college textbooks can be worth a lot of money. Some of them may be discontinued or may be very valuable editions. If you think you have a book that might be worth something, check with your trusted bookseller.

2. Tube TV

Gamers highly value tube TVs, as they use them to play old-school video games. Your old TV has to be in good condition, of a recognized brand, and between 20 and 27 inches.

3. Nintendo 64 and Other Consoles

If you’re a 90s kid, you likely have old consoles at home you no longer use. These could be such as the Game Boy, the SEGA Mega Drive, or the Nintendo 64. The latter, for example, you can sell online for about 200 dollars.

4. Rare Vinyl Records

The LPs craze is back, and people are willing to pay a fortune for them. If you have extra rare records, you might get a few hundred dollars for one LP!

5. Vintage Radio

Back in the day, radio was the only way to listen to music, and almost every household had one. If you have a vintage radio in mint condition, you could get something between $50 and $400.

6. Old Typewriter

It’s another thing worth money in your home. Although no one uses it for its original purpose, many people use it as an interior decor element. You can get up to $300 for a working vintage typewriter.

7. Old Barbies

Dolls are valuable collectibles, and there are thousands of Barbie fans around the world. If you have a Vintage 1976 Mattel Superstar Christie Barbie in your house, you can get a couple of hundred bucks.

8. Pokemon cards

Even in the 90s, a Charizard was a rare find. Today, people who still want to “catch’em all” are willing to open the wallet. No kidding, a mint condition Charizard Holo card, from the first edition of Pokémon released in 1999, can cost more than $500.

9. Furby

If your Furby was too creepy to get out of the box as a kid, you’re in luck. You can now sell an original 1998 Furby for more than $100 on eBay.

10. Vintage LEGO Sets

A vintage LEGO set in its original boxing and instructions can cost up to $500. Otherwise, you can still get at least a hundred bucks for a rare set.

11. Comic Books

The number of comic book collectors is enormous and spans the whole world. But not all comic books have the same value. Rare pieces can cost up to a few hundred bucks. The average price for medium-rare comics is something around $20.

12. Vintage Tools

While cleaning the garage, ask yourself: do you need all those tools? If not, you could get cash for them. For example, an antique Curtis fast cut saw costs around $100 on eBay. Another thing worth money in your home might be a vintage Oak Wood Machinist Chest Tool Box that costs around $200.

13. Old Video Games

There’s something special about the old video games. The most important aspect of them is that nostalgic feeling that brings back childhood memories. It turns out that the old video games that have been collecting dust in the attic can bring you some extra cash. The most valuable are the Nintendo NES games, such as Stadium Event, for which you could get almost $1000.

14. Autographed Objects

Perhaps you had the chance to meet your idol in the past and kept his/her autograph safe. Over the years, that signature went straight to a box in the garage, but what you didn’t know is that now that doodle could be worth a fortune. And it doesn’t even matter what kind of object it is, as long as it has the original signature of a celebrity on it.

Autographed objects can be one of the most worthy items in your home. For example, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, hand-signed by J.K. Rowling, costs $700 on eBay.

15. VHS Collection

You might be thinking of throwing away your old VHS collection since you can find your favorite movies on Netflix, but VHS tapes are things worth money in your home. Although you won’t make a lot of it, some tapes can be worth a couple of hundred bucks. For example, the Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks VHS costs $500 on eBay.

16. Vintage Photographs and Postcards

These are another group of things worth money in your home. Pay attention to pictures that capture torn-down buildings, famous people, or rare events. Of course, many postcards won’t be worth much, but, for rare ones, you could get from $10 to $20.

17. First Edition Books

These are the books that were printed from the same setting of type as when first published. If you have such books in your house, you could turn them into profit. For example, you could sell the first edition and printing of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code for $175. Moreover, if the book has the signature of the author, it will have even greater value.

18. Vintage Record Players

An antique record player is another thing worth money in your home. There are many music lovers, and they are willing to pay up to $5000 for a rare vintage record player. If you have one in your home and it’s in mint condition, you might turn a profit here as well.

19. iPod Classic

Yes, the famous iPod Classic with 160 GB capacity in two colors. Have one in your home? Well, it turns out that you could sell it for $200.

20. Walkman

Remember your endless collection of cassette tapes? Well, Walkmans have made a comeback, and you could sell a rare model for up to $1000. After all, fashion is cyclical.

Are There Any Other Things Worth Money in Your Home?

Even if you don’t possess the items listed above, you still may have something valuable in your home. Antique tableware, vintage furniture, even an 80’s retro bicycle might be worth much more than a Walkman.

People collect all sorts of things: stamps, coins, cereal boxes, etc. So, before throwing it out, think about whether you could list it on eBay and make a good profit.

If You Don’t Have Much Time For Selling

As good as earning extra cash sounds, it takes time. You have to take pictures of the item, write a description, communicate with the buyers, and so on. And if it’s not your daily job, then you will have to spend your free time. But there’s an easier way to get rid of the items you don’t need. And no, it’s not throwing them out into a dumpster.

It’s donating that stuff to people that are in need. Easy Donation Pickup accepts almost anything, including clothing, shoes, backpacks, jewelry, household goods, toys, books, small furniture, etc. All you need to do is schedule a pickup and leave the items packed in boxes outside the door. It’s a win-win situation for you and the people in need.

So, there’s no need to throw out old things worth money in your home. You can earn cash by selling or do a good job by donating them. Either way, we wish you good luck with your spring cleaning!