Unique Outdoor Decorations For Summer Parties

Unique Outdoor Decorations For Summer Parties

Is there anything better than a summer party? From drinks with umbrellas and the balmy weather to laid back attitudes and sundresses galore, summer soirees are simply good for the soul. If you’re getting ready to throw one for your friends and need a bit of inspiration for your patio, we can help. A shindig during this season is certainly going to be fun no matter what, but perfecting the ambiance is always a good idea. Read on for ideas on unique decorations for summer parties.

Say it With Lighting

courtyard garden with garden lanterns and festoon lights Unique Outdoor Decorations For Summer Parties

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Adding just the right lighting using candles and other means is a must for any party, but there’s something about doing it during the summertime that is simply magical. Consider adding homemade luminarias along the sidewalk as guests enter. Candles on the outdoor tables are an elegant touch, too, and you can always use the faux candles if you’re worried about little kids or other hazards. Mason jars with tealights are always a safe and super cute alternative, too. If you’ve got a pool, add tiki torches at each corner for a fun and frivolous addition that guests will adore. And if you ever watched even one episode of the extremely popular NBC show Parenthood, you know that a simple string of white lights over the main socializing area does wonders for setting just the right mood. And, don’t forget to get the right transformer if you have landscape lighting.

Perfect Your Patio Furniture

Take a look at your patio furniture setup. Imagine yourself at your party. Do the way you have your tables and chairs set up encourage socializing? If not, consider rearranging. You can find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest, of course. And if you don’t have enough seating, you might want to borrow or rent some chairs, as you want to make sure your guests are comfortable. As this article by Real Simple notes, “The easiest option is to press dining chairs into service, along with any drum stools or poufs. If you’re keeping things casual, you can spread pretty quilts on the ground and let people gather picnic-style.”

small outdoor patio furniture Unique Outdoor Decorations For Summer Parties

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Long benches and hanging Papasan chairs are always fun for adding a bit of whimsy. And the piece de resistance is making sure you’ve got a fire pit for roasting S’mores and encouraging fun conversations. Just as the kitchen seems to be where people gravitate for indoor parties, the firepit will do that for your outdoor event. If it’s a cool night, you might consider buying or renting heaters for other parts of the patio as well. You can check for more outdoor patio items on the Globo Surf website.

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Project the Fun

Having a movie or something going on a projector adds a fun and festive touch to any outdoor event. This is particularly entertaining for kiddos so, if it’s a family-friendly event, you might want to have movies for the young ones playing on a projector. Music-lovers would also love it if you make an audio visualizer to project on the wall, as this allows fun geometric shapes to dance in time with the music. Whether you’ve got an outdoor dance floor or you’re using it for a bit of background ambiance, music is a must for any proper party.

An Outdoor Bar FTW

modern diy outdoor bar Unique Outdoor Decorations For Summer Parties

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Many homes these days come with built-in areas for outdoor grilling and entertaining but, if your home doesn’t have this, you might consider adding it. If you’re a regular party host, having someone come in and build you a tiki bar could come in handy for many years to come. However, you can do something as simple as building a pallet bar for last-minute fun, and guests will love your ingenuity. Whether you provide bar stools or not, you definitely want to designate an area to put your beverages so guests can serve themselves throughout the evening.

Add Some Water Whimsy

mini pond Unique Outdoor Decorations For Summer Parties

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There is something about water that makes us feel so peaceful, which is why so many of us would love to live by the ocean or a lake. So adding a small fountain or a large and elaborate garden complete with a mini pond is the perfect way to make guests “ooh” and “ahh” at your outdoor décor. A koi pond is always lovely, too, but keep in mind there is a lot of upkeep with these. Anything you can do to make your guests feel like they are one with nature will be a win.

Just throwing a soiree on a balmy summer evening already spells success, but adding these outdoor decorating ideas will ensure your guests will be talking about your event for years to come.