7 Simple Tips to Bring the Beauty of the Outdoors in Your Home

7 Simple Tips to Bring the Beauty of the Outdoors in Your Home

There are certain people who you would call “outdoorsy” people and those who don’t particularly care about being outdoors all that much. But whether you enjoy being outdoors or not, there’s a unique beauty of bringing the outdoors indoors.

Bringing the outdoors inside your home can be done in many different ways. And no, it doesn’t mean uprooting your rose bush and setting it in the middle of your living room! Because bringing the outdoors indoors is a combination of two different elements of design, execution must be strategic and done with class.

You, of course, will incorporate plants in your design scheme but there are other beautiful ways to bring those elements of the outdoors to enhance the beauty of your home on the inside. Just follow these simple tips.

1. Breathe Life Into Your Home With various Plants and Flowers

Incorporating plants and flowers into your home is the most common way to bring the outdoors indoors. You can put these beauties practically anywhere in your home and it will just bring that room to life. In fact, did you know that incorporating plants inside your home is actually good for your health?

According to NBC News, studies have proven that putting plants in your home reduces stress levels, boosts mood, and improves concentration by up to 15%! So whether you choose to “jazz up” your kitchen table with a bouquet of roses or bring a little Zen to your bedroom with a hanging plant, you can’t go wrong with incorporating a little green in your home.

If you’re unsure of which plants to incorporate into your home, consider these seven indoor plants to give life to your interior design.

2. Keep Your Blinds or Curtains Open to Recieve the Natural Light

Letting the natural light in your home is the easiest way to incorporate the outdoors in your home, and it’s free! This design element is as simple as opening your blinds or curtains, and it transforms any room into a bright and beautiful living space.

3. Utilize Renewable Energy to Power Your Home

This particular aspect may not exactly be a “design” element, per se, but it is a great way to utilize the energy from the sun and bring it into your home as a natural source of energy to power your home.

Certain states like Connecticut allow residents to choose a third party electric company that generates electricity from renewable sources. So from a design perspective, you still have the ability to choose the appliances that best match your home’s decor but instead of using the traditional electricity source, you can switch to renewable energy.

4. Incorporate Colors Inspired By Nature

To incorporate colors inspired by nature means to literally think of the outdoor elements and use those colors in your design scheme. The color green is a reflection of the grass and plants; Blue is reminiscent of the sky and water; Yellow should evoke the presence of the sun; And neutral colors like brown, tan, and white is what’s going to give your home the overall feeling of nature.

5. Add Natural Textures and Patterns to Your Decor

Natural textures and patterns will mean incorporating furniture and decor pieces made from materials like hemp, wicker, stone, and wood. Textures and patterns can include furs (faux furs), animal prints, and tribal patterns. These can all come in the form of blankets, baskets, lampshades, or rugs.

6. Utilize Elements Found in Nature as Accents

Accents are those elements in your home that just bring the entire room together. To utilize elements found in nature as accents can include things like seashells, wood wreaths, vases filled with beach sand, or rocks. If you don’t physically have these particular elements to incorporate in your decor, you can always hang paintings or pictures of these elements to grace your walls.

7. Excite Your Senses With Outdoor Scents

There’s nothing better than the smell of nature. Scents like fresh rain and floral scents can all be found in candles and incense. There’s also the option of listening to sounds of nature as well. It can be refreshingly calming to listen to the sounds of the rain, the beach, and the wind to relax you.

Whether you enjoy being outdoors or not, there’s no denying the beauty of it, especially when you incorporate those natural elements inside your home. Everything from letting natural light in your home to enticing your senses with outdoor scented candles, there are several different ways to enjoy the elements of outdoors without leaving your home!