Anne-Claire Rohé Photography

Anne-Claire Rohé Photography

Hello our dearest readers! Today we’re sharing a mix of wonderful photographies made by a talented Anne-Claire Rohé based in Brooklyn, New York. I really admire, how all of these spaces are perfectly captured into these photos. The different spaces have their own atmosphere, are lively and feel like they have their own soul, and these interiors make me wonder about what incredible and interesting people live there! Go grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and take a look at these wonderful places. I got inspired and I am even planning on doing some of the “Do it Yourself” crafts. I think it’s a perfect way to start a day! Don’t you think so?

CELINE 29 Anne Claire Rohé Photography

A pop of red delivers a bit of cheer and fun to a simple white room. So does the tangled lamp hanging in the corner of the living room!

Elena1010 24 Anne Claire Rohé Photography Cozy corners – one for work and one for relaxation. I love the clubs card symbol hanged on the wall and that cute knitted cover! Feels so warm and cozy. And how fun is that hanging silvery decoration – definitely a magical mistletoe.

interior01 Anne Claire Rohé Photography

An all-white nordic style space which totally reminds me of the cabins that we used to visit in summer about fifteen years ago, however this one is way more beautiful, yet still has that retreat feeling. The painted white floor is invigorated with patterned eastern rug and the dining table has a lovely pendant hanging over it.

IWLDA2 Anne Claire Rohé Photography

Old and new in one space. How cute is that vintage desk paired with a modern iMac? I bet that pouffe gives a great rest for tired legs, while doing a lot of work at the computer. And I really think I need something like that red “I” on the wall, not just because I’m self-centred or anything, it just really looks fun and it’s actually one of my initial letters. I think I’d better get to DIY’ing, and fast.

IWLDA3 Anne Claire Rohé Photography MONIQ 13 Anne Claire Rohé Photography

Contrast black and white colours used for interior are perfectly balanced with artworks or other colourful decor elements like statement dining chairs, pendant lamp or just funny and bright horse decoration.

MONIQ 18 Anne Claire Rohé Photography MONIQ 42 Anne Claire Rohé PhotographyMONIQ 20 Anne Claire Rohé Photography

Herringbone and mosaic tile flooring combined together with some black and colourful details, furniture classics and ceiling moulding – that’s how you get a great look in this apartment. The patterned rug and comfy white sofa gives the space softness and makes it look cozy.

MONIQ 35 Anne Claire Rohé Photography  MONIQ 49 Anne Claire Rohé Photography MONIQ 76 Anne Claire Rohé Photography MONIQ 91 Anne Claire Rohé PhotographyMONIQ 78 Anne Claire Rohé Photography The tiny vintage mirror and table in the corner seems like a place to get your beauty routine done like a princess and just before running out spray on some Coco Noir perfume (which I think was the first thing that I noticed in this photo). On the right, my eye was caught by these pictures hanging on the wall, love the graphically patterned triptych, which in some way matches the coverlet.

RBKHAMP Anne Claire Rohé Photography SOULTZ 70 Anne Claire Rohé Photography Tea16 Anne Claire Rohé Photography

Hope you liked these various interiors all captured by Anne-Claire Rohé. You can see her portfolio, by visiting her site –