Fitzroy Apartments in Melbourne

Fitzroy Apartments in Melbourne

Change of season, change of weather, maybe even a slight change in your life, everything inspires new ideas and gives a boost to work and do things! I always find myself looking at everything in a lighter way when the warmer spring weather shows up. I start to enjoy a bit different palette of things and colours. I know I never wander too far from relishing in all things sparkly and neutral, but pastels and florals always come back in a new fresh way with a hint of this season. The wonderful interior that we’re sharing today is from an amazing apartment situated in Melbourne, Australia, and is filled with crisp colour combinations, sleek modern furniture and unique plan details.

The apartment was carefully planned and designed  by Neometro, who worked together with MA Architects and Grant Amon Architects on these Fitzroy Apartments and managed to design an artfully created space, which not only integrates a modern style into heritage architecture, but also provides some serious eye catching details.

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The arched ceiling in bedroom gives a hint of a heritage architecture details, while simple modern furniture create a lively and crisp feeling. The graphic decorative pillow gives a crisp, neutral color palette some contrast in both color and pattern. Tiny side tables and table lamp fixtures don’t overwhelm this minimaly decorated space.

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The colours selected to make a contrast in otherwise light apartment are muted tones of usual pastel  colours – mint, pink, salmon with a bit brighter wood floor and of course some black. Lighting fixtures all over apartment don’t clash with any of details, because they are kept in totally minimal white form, with as little as possible details. This idea makes your eyes focus mostly on other interior details, such as furniture, art and plants strategically placed around the space. I always love the sliding door/wall partition effect in interiors, therefore the idea to cover a workspace with this sliding door is great.

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The bathroom is kept simple with an all-black tile look.
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