How to Make the Most of High Ceilings

High ceilings are a gift from the interior design gods, and you should cherish yours while you have them. Unfortunately, not every homeowner knows what to do with their high ceilings — how to draw attention to them, how to use them creatively, how to optimize the space. If you are looking for ways to enhance your high ceilings, look no further than this guide here.

Install Upper Windows for More Natural Light

When you don’t have much wall space, you are limited in the amount of natural light you can enjoy in your home. However, because you have high ceilings, you have a unique opportunity to invite extra light into your space. While floor-to-ceiling windows in vast spaces like yours could cost a fortune, you can still enjoy more light and airiness by installing transom windows, which sit above existing windows or doors, or clerestory windows, which are windows located above eye-level, often on a second story. Of course, if you can afford floor-to-ceiling glass, go for it — it will look sleek and modern, and it will add dramatic, gorgeous light to your home.

Place Wall Hangings High to Draw Attention

You might be in the habit of hanging artwork and pictures at about eye level — but when you have so much more wall space to work with, you need to think higher. Taller wall hangings, like long tapestries or oversized artwork, hung from on high will automatically draw visitors’ eyes upward, expanding the space in your home and generating a sense of awe. You can even hang your flat screen television higher on your wall — but you absolutely should hire a professional Denver TV wall mounting service to do that, so you don’t accidentally send your big screen crashing to the floor.

Use Vertical Storage Units to Take Full Advantage

You bought a home with high ceilings for a reason: You want the grand, lofty space. Thus, you probably don’t want to fill all that open space with stuff. Still, if all the rooms in your home have taller-than-average ceilings, you should seriously consider investing in some kind of vertical storage unit. For example, multi-story bookshelves are magnificent to behold, and they can house all the books in your home. You can also use taller cabinets and shelving units to hold tech, knick-knacks, and kitchen tools, so your countertops and tables aren’t cluttered.

Be Creative with Wall Colors and Accents

Large rooms are more forgiving of creative design. In an era when neutrals are running the design show, you should strive to do something different with your décor. Certainly, lighter and paler hues will maximize the atmosphere of light and spaciousness, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to white and light blue. If you do prefer a light palette, you might look into various light-colored wallpapers, especially those with an interesting texture.

Darker colors, especially in a well-illuminated space, can create a striking environment as well as increase coziness in a room that might otherwise feel cold and empty. Since there is little chance that your ceilings will feel low, you might paint your ceilings with a darker tone, like charcoal or rust-brown, to cut back on the feeling of cavernous space.

Opt for Dramatic Hanging Lights and Chandeliers

Windows are great for daylight, but when the sun sets, you need some artificial illumination — and high ceilings help with that, too. Because you don’t have to worry about guests bumping into your light fixtures, you can go big and dramatic with hanging lights and chandeliers. You should try to avoid light fixtures that are overly trendy; for example, as drawn as you might be to the industrial, modern, geometric lights seen in kitchens on design shows, it’s likely you’ll need to update that fixture in a few months or years. Instead, you should search for lights in timeless styles that fit your space and design theme rather than any passing trend.

Place Mirrors Strategically to Increase Your Space

One piece of advice good for drop ceilings and tall ceilings alike is: Use mirrors. Mirrors catch and amplify light, creating an illusion of increased openness and space. Even if you have outstanding clerestory windows, beautiful wallpaper, and spectacular lighting, mirrors can make your space even more dazzling. As with other wall hangings, you should place your mirrors up high to give them a greater chance of collecting and reflecting more light.

Here’s the truth: The only way you can mess up decorating a room with high ceilings is to pretend they don’t exist. You should celebrate your lofty space with special décor, so everyone appreciates the special openness of your home.