How to Turn Your Bedroom into A Safe Haven

How to Turn Your Bedroom into A Safe Haven

We are said to spend around twenty-six years each, on average, in our beds. Most of our time in bed will be spent in our bedroom, excluding holidays, trips to see friends, and in hotel rooms. It is important then, especially considering how much time that will be spent in your bedroom, that you create a harmonious, luxurious, and friendly environment. Most people spend so little time decorating or cultivating a haven in their bedrooms that they look virtually unlived in, besides an unmade bed. Creating a haven for yourself is very easy, and you must turn your bedroom into your haven.

cozy small bedroom How to Turn Your Bedroom into A Safe Haven

Cozy small bedroom

The reason that it is so important that you create a haven for yourself is that the world, as we all know, can become very trying sometimes. Work or education, relationships, and people, in general, can get on top of you, and you can feel like you have nowhere to run. By creating a haven for yourself, you will have your own isolated paradise wherein nobody can infringe and make you feel uncomfortable and where you need not worry about the actions of other people.

Creating a haven is exactly what this page will seek to help you with. Your haven should be designed to a style you like best and you should not allow outside influences to guide your hand as to how you should decorate. Decorate the way that you like, as, after all, it is your haven. This page will hope to offer a few ideas to help you make your mind up if you are struggling, however, and offer a few pieces of furniture that may look awesome in your haven.

Leather Armchairs

green armchair in a bedroom 683x1024 How to Turn Your Bedroom into A Safe Haven

An armchair is not very expensive but a great upgrade to your bedroom

Leather reclining armchairs are a cool way to turn your bedroom into your man cave. There are many different types of recliner chairs; some come with built-in fridges, and some with massage functions. Leather reclining armchairs are an awesome way for you to relax after a long day in the ‘real world’. They are, unfortunately, ordinarily quite expensive. Notwithstanding their cost, however, they will provide many benefits and offer you a sleek way to unwind after a long day. They are versatile pieces of furniture that can match virtually every single interior imaginable.

In most department or outlet stores wherein you find these chairs; you can often find a finance option available. If you do not have the money to offset the upfront cost, then the finance option may be best for you and will allow you to own a chair without having to spend all of your savings at once.

Fish Tanks

Fish tanks are very relaxing and come in all shapes and sizes. Many people use fish tanks as a centerpiece in their living-room or bedroom; if you are trying to create a peaceful haven for yourself, a fish tank may be just what you are looking for. The slow whirring of the tank’s motor, the neon light, and the fish gracefully gliding back and forth can be a wonderful way to unwind and lose yourself for a moment. Fish tanks are, usually, very affordable. If you want to go the extra mile, you can splash out (no pun intended) and buy yourself a tropical tank. Tropical fish, owing to their vibrant colors, are both eye-catching and peaceful. Your local pet store should stock many varieties of a fish tank and exotic fish. If this sounds interesting to you, then certainly go, and check it out.


incense sticks How to Turn Your Bedroom into A Safe Haven

One of the easiest ways to improve your bedroom’s aura is to use incense sticks

Incense sticks are a great way to create a relaxing environment in your bedroom, and truthfully, anywhere in your home. They have long been associated with herbal medicine and spirituality and are a very effective method of creating a haven. When used in moderation (you don’t want to hotbox your room with incense smoke), can relax you and help you to unwind. They come in many different flavors. When buying incense sticks and holders, you should make sure that you buy the more expensive, better-made brands (preferably imported from Japan), otherwise you can risk polluting your room with harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process of cheap incense.

A Cat

interview with meyou paris 1 1024x731 How to Turn Your Bedroom into A Safe Haven

Meyou Paris cat furniture

Yes, you read that right, a cat. A cat, yes, as in the furry feline companion. Cats can help to create a haven for you and provide you companionship. Many people overlook just how beneficial a cat can be for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or loneliness. Cats are very quiet creatures by nature, and once out of the crazy kitten phase, will spend most of their days lounging around and sleeping. They are unlikely to destroy your bedroom, although you should give them free roam in your home. Many cat owners manage cats in studio apartments and do not allow their cats outdoors, which is not often a problem for them. Keeping a cat can create a haven very easily, as the moment you return to your bedroom your friend will be waiting for you to comfort you with love and kisses. You must ensure you play with your cat for a few hours every day, otherwise, they may get a little bit crazy. For your haven, consider a cat. You can even consider a puppy if you have the room… (watch out for the cat around those fish, though!)


lulu georgia rug How to Turn Your Bedroom into A Safe Haven

Lulu & Georgia rug

A rug is a great way to warm up your room and make it feel much more comfortable. The most fundamental part of creating a haven is, of course, making it feel more comfortable. Adding a rug to your bedroom is a guaranteed way to boost your comfort levels, and you have so many options to choose from. Often, the most popular type of rug used in bedrooms is shag rugs or just plain rugs. If you want to add a bit of color to your room, consider using a Persian rug or a Moroccan Berber rug. These rugs can be picked up second-hand or at most thrift stores for a very low cost and are very comfortable and warm. These rugs are often hand-stitched and made of wool. Rugs can pull an entire room together and make them feel warmer and more lived in. If your room is sparsely decorated, a rug could be the touch that you need to make your bedroom feel much more personal and unique to you. Look carefully and pick the best one you can. Don’t cheap out, as a good rug is something you need.

Sheepskin Warmer

A sheepskin bed warmer is another awesome way to create a harmonious and gentle living environment. Your haven must be warm, and it must be comfortable, which is why a sheepskin warmer is a great addition. Sheepskin warmers are covers that go underneath your bedsheets and provide extra padding to your bed. If your bed is not comfortable, then how can you expect your bedroom to be a safe haven? Invest in a sheepskin throw and a sheepskin bed warmer. They’re absolute must-haves for a haven.


a home in sweden photo by petra bindel 768x1024 How to Turn Your Bedroom into A Safe Haven

Instead of buying expensive art, you can add photos or old ad posters to your wall

If you are trying to create an environment that is comfortable and relaxing, then art is an absolute must. Art is entirely subjective to the person who is decorating so, unfortunately, this page will not give any suggestions toward what kind of art you should use. Still, whichever type of art you decide to make use of, pick effectively and find art that speaks to your soul, however corny it sounds, and art that relaxes you and makes you feel happy. You must pick effectively, as it is very common for some art to give people anxiety and panic attacks.


The window in your room is essentially a portal to the world that you are trying so hard to escape from. A safe haven needs thick curtains that will block out the real world, even if just for an hour. There are many types of curtains that you can choose from, and to be honest, you can even use blinds. Japanese rice paper blinds are pretty cool and help to create a relaxing and harmonious environment. You will likely have to order them online as they are not easily sourced in stores (unless you live in Japan).

You can also use Venetian blinds, as they can cast shadows across the walls that can be relaxing and comforting. Venetian blinds are not usually very expensive and are widely available. They are often found in home supply stores and can be ordered online. Good quality, hardwood Venetian blinds are a great way to warm up your room and make it feel more comfortable and lived in. You should check out Venetian blinds and consider getting them, or another alternative. Whichever you do decide to choose, just ensure they provide you protection from the outside world and darken your room.


minimalist painted walls How to Turn Your Bedroom into A Safe Haven

To create a relaxing atmosphere, paint your bedroom walls in neutral tones

Painting your room can give it a very personal touch and can be a great way to create a safe haven in your bedroom. You can paint your room any way you desire, as long as it is relaxing and provides you with an area that is your own. You should, however, try and avoid bright colors, as they can create more anxiety and counteract your efforts. It is your safe haven, though, so nobody can tell you what color you should paint it. Keep your room well ventilated when painting and only use non-VOC paint so that you do not make yourself unwell.


white bedroom How to Turn Your Bedroom into A Safe Haven

If you’re on a tight budget, you can buy second-hand furniture

When finding furniture for your haven, be sure to pick carefully and effectively. If you are going for a vintage look, then it may be worth browsing your local flea market, and if you are going for a modern look, then a local department store. Furniture is a very essential part of creating your haven and if you do not pick your furniture carefully then you will not be able to pull off the look you are going for. Furniture is very important and allows you to express your creative flair.

Style Ideas

There are many different style ideas you can go for when you are decorating your haven. Many people enjoy minimalistic, while others enjoy postmodernism. Here are a few style ideas you should consider when you are designing your personal space.

  • Japanese Minimalism

minimal bedroom 1024x1024 How to Turn Your Bedroom into A Safe Haven

Minimalist bedroom

Japanese minimalism looks pretty cool. Usually, it’s a lot of hard oak furniture and not much else. It has been very popular in the west for many years and gives a very sleek and relaxed aesthetic. When used in combination with some of the furniture pieces recommended here, you can turn your room into an awesome safe haven.

  • Dutch Minimalism

Dutch minimalism looks very similar to Japanese minimalism, except it uses a lot of bright colors. Minimalist furniture is very cool, period, Minimalist interior design is a great way to create a relaxing environment. Cluttered living spaces are a cause for high anxiety amongst many, and by decluttering, you will be creating a harmonious and idyllic living space wherein everything has its place, and nothing is crowded. Dutch minimalism is very hot in the west right now and it is impossible to find a single department store that does not sell some form of Dutch minimalist furniture.

  • Eastern

Eastern interior design is very cool. You are free to blend Turkish, Moroccan, and Chinese furniture to create a unique and cool living environment. Eastern furniture is usually very well made and very functional. Eastern furniture can be very effective in creating a safe haven, as the sturdiness of the furniture and the small details added will create familiarity and safety. You can pick up a lot of Eastern furniture used and second-hand at flea markets or online bidding sites for very low prices. People often seriously undervalue this furniture for some reason, so be on the lookout.

Now you know how to create a safe haven in your bedroom and create somewhere that is both relaxing and calmative. That is exactly what your bedroom should be and you should strive to cultivate this environment to combat the misery the world can cause.